Plan The Perfect Love Cake For Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is all about everything sweet and romantic. With many in-love couples spending days trying to figure out the perfect gift for their beloved, the perfect place to celebrate their love and dressing up perfectly for the day of love, not many give a thought to making their day sweeter with a Valentine’s Day cake. Adding just a little touch of cakey, chocolatey, velvety sweetness can take things a notch higher, elevate the mood and set the right tone for the celebration of the day of their love, especially if even one, or both involved are chocoholics!

With so much to plan for the day, why should one add the hassle of with buying a cake, and carrying it, while ensuring that it is delivered in perfect condition? Online options for sending Valentine cakes to India are extremely convenient, especially if the cake is a surprise gift for a long distance love. Moreover, if one is pressed for time and needs to make any occasion special, a perfectly baked cake, moist and succulent, delivered right at the doorstep, can be a life saviour and a perfect dessert option to boot.

However, ordering an online cake – though convenient and quicker than baking a mess within time constraints or troubling a friend to deliver it to your love – needs careful consideration and planning.

Choosing the Cake

While choosing a cake to grace the day of love, one should consider the likes and dislikes of the person they wish to gift the cake to. The online Valentine’s Day cake category offers a number of cakes in different flavours like chocolate, pineapple, black forest, mango, strawberry, vanilla, butterscotch, and more. The cakes are also available in different shapes and sizes and one can even opt for tier cakes. A little more goes a long way!


Stranded in the USA? No problems. Ordering a cake online offers the flexibility of making a statement! Make the cake delivery special by sending it as a surprise gift while out of the country. The online cake category offers options to add-on a bouquet of flowers and send flowers to India from USA for that ‘someone special’. The option of adding a relevant gift with the cake is available too.

Plan The Perfect Love Cake For Valentines Day


While ordering, it is essential to check how long before delivery time is the cake made. You don’t want a stale cake sent, or a cake that is drooping off its sides only because it was made a day before delivery time. The cake should be fresh and moist, when it reaches the destination. One can check on the website, the time difference between the making and the delivery of the cake. You can also look for options of delivering midnight cakes and fixed time cakes according to your convenience. Fresh is the best!

Customer Service

Always check for customer service. While ordering online cakes, one can use the chat options to keep a tab on the delivery time, check ingredients of the cake ordered (in case of religious, or allergic considerations), and be reassured of the reliability of the website.

Order online, add sweetness to the day of love and make a cake statement!

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