10 Common Types of Laser Marking Technologies

Acknowledged as the most advantageous marking solution, laser marking machine offers adaptable printing implementations, minimum maintenance and affordable application. However, with the advancement of the laser marking machine company, there are some notable types that are perfectly distinguished from one another and thus, prior to purchase get your research right and keeps things in mind that what exactly is your requirement and the line of work that deserves the exact laser implementation. To decide which of the laser marking applications would be appropriate to use for your production or product execution, decipher the right types of laser marking for the best application.

  1. Laser engraving: Quite similar to laser marking, engraving is performed at a deeper level of the surface material. Mainly, the jewellery industry adopts this laser engraving technology for their creative piece development.
  2. Laser marking: With the help of laser beam, the material gets mark or design that bears a very similar resemblance with engraving or abalation. The application of laser marking is limited to a surface level only.
  3. Laser welding: This laser process is used to weld two different materials together. There are some industries that use a wide range of materials together and that’s how the laser welding execute the right process to weld two different metals together.
  4. Laser ablation: It is an interesting phenomenon by laser ablation that performs a complete yet estimated melt-down of a specific area of the top surface layer to aim laser marking or engraving.
  5. Laser cutting: To cut powerful material, the laser cutting machine is developed to achieve the precise cut. Instead of blade cutter, incorporate laser cutting process to seek any cutting goals. Unlike other cutting machines, the laser makes no contact while making the right size cut, and so there is less damage of the material.
  6. Laser cleaning: Again, this laser cleaning process is very similar to laser ablation as it also melts the surface of the material to reveal the underneath layers. It is also applied at a deeper level to extract the entire upper layer of a material, to see the layer under it. However, the focus here is simply on cleaning the necessary material.
  7. Laser drilling: The laser drilling mechanism aims to drill holes. If the material is powerful to drill, then the laser drill process is powerful to dig.
  8. Putting traceable labels and barcodes: In medical sector and food industry where bar-code is necessary to label for essential details, the industrial fiber laser marking machine is implemented. Moreover, the fiber lasers are also applied to develop hundreds of various kinds of tools and equipment.
  9. Laser for drilling rocks: In fiber laser industry, there is a huge variant of materials like plastics, ceramics, silicon, and other metal that require fiber laser work for precise cutting. And so are the rock that also get this scientific measure to gets a definite shape.
  10. For precise diamond work: Widely used to shape-up the diamond, this laser work technology is applied to manage the fine cut and improve the clarity and quality of the materials.

Apart from all these applications, there is another notable laser mechanism, like 3-d printing. It is an emerging need of many sectors and thus, laser marking machine company is developing many such hard processing to achieve valuable marking system via varying types of laser marks.

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