4 Reason Why You Should Not Let Your Child Shy Away from the Bike

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As per international bikers like Cadel Evans, every child should learn how to ride a bike. He would say, “Indeed there might be scraped knees and a few bruises, however, riding a bike is an integral part of childhood.”

What’s more? Learning to ride a bike has innumerable perks, too! So, if you’re letting your child in Australia shy away from bicycles, maybe it’s time to reconsider. For starters, if you fear your child’s injury, there is always the option of opting for a balance bike Australia!

On that note, let’s quickly review the 4 perks of riding a bicycle!

Read on,

  1. Physical Activity on the Go

As claimed by the ‘The Australian Guidelines for Health’, it is necessary that children engage in a 60 to 80 minutes of physical activity. The reason being with the onset of technology, more children are inclined to waste time on video games, cell phones and television.

As a result, when the sit for hours in a place and engage their mind in visual shenanigans, the result is often hindered creativity and obesity. These can lead to further problems in the child as he/she is pushed towards an unhealthy lifestyle.

However, if the child is bought a bike, he/she can ride it, exercise their legs and body while enjoying fresh nature. This will help improve blood circulation and boost his physical heath considerably.

  1. It is Mood-Enhancing 

Children might not bear the burden of stress most adults do, but even they tend to get bored and stressed. This is why it’s crucial that a child unloads his boredom and unwinds in a positive way. Riding a bike amidst nature is one of the best ways to let a child unwind.

He/she can enjoy the activity with friends, engage in healthy competition, or even learn how to ride with parents. As a result, not only is it improving the kid’s mind but he/she starts to enjoy the activity tremendously.

  1. Mental Health Improves 

As per a research conducted, it is proven that kids who take a bike to school are naturally more focused and willing to learn new things. The result, being when they ride a bike, blood flow increases in the body along with proper circulation.

When this blood travels to the brain, it releases happy hormones like serotonin and more. As a result, these happy hormones clam a child down and improve his/her overall focus. This is why children that partake in physical activity are said to be easy to handle and control.

  1. Family Bonding 

Today’s busy parents hardly have time to spare for their children. These kids are either left in playschools or with nanny’s to look after them. However, for a healthy parent-child relationship to cultivate, it is important that parents spend some quality time with their child.

Thankfully, if you buy a balance bike Australia you can use it to teach your child how to cycle. Once he/she starts learning this, it’ll automatically help you strengthen the bond with your kid.

On that footnote, now that you’ve seen how a bike can improve a child’s physical and mental well-being, get a good one for your little one today! Simply, pick the best child’s toy store in the vicinity to buy your kid a bike!


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