5 Kinds of Acne Scars and effective ways to treat them

Laser cicatrice acne

Acne scars are the most common type of skin problem that millions of people around the world suffer. Even though you have surpassed the phase of breakouts and pimples, the horrendous scars of them remain intact on your face.

But with modern technological advancements, there are varied treatments that can prove to have an effective result out of it. For instance, Laser treatment for acne scar (Laser cicatrice acne). However, acne scars can be of varied kinds and dealing them with the right technique is vital for promising outcomes.

So without waiting up more let us find out about the different types of acne scars and the ways to treat them.

1. Ice Pick Scars

Ice Pick Scars are very deeply engraved acne scars that appear as if the skin has been pierced vigorously with an ice pick. The primary reason for the emergence of such an acne scar is the production of lowered collagen in defense to an injury.

Treatment – Skin grafting is an effective progressive treatment that can have a positive result in the removal of Ice Pick Scars. The procedure involves extracting skin from the area behind the ear and filling the acne-scarred region. Following this, a Radiofrequency energy or Laser device is used to smooth out the skin.

2. Rolling Scars

These are a type of depressed acne scars that are comparatively less invasive than the ice pick scars. Nonetheless, it takes an efficient treatment for the complete removal of the scar. Rolling scars have smoothed out edges and have an appearance similar to tiny valleys and hills.

Treatment – For the effective removal of rolling scars, a combination of micro fat injections and micro-needling of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is used. Microneedling creates small-sized pinpricks on the skin. The natural controlled healing mechanism of the body kicks in that boosts the production of internal collagen.

3. Boxcar Scars

Boxcar scars are also a type of depressed acne scar, however, they are wider and boxier than that of ice pick scars. Again the production of low levels of collagen during the acne healing period is the reason for the appearance of Boxcar scars.

Treatment – The most suitable treatment for curing Boxcar scars is skin resurfacing with an energy-based laser device. The utilization of skin resurfacing treatment helps in building new collagen under the skin surface. Now depending on the severity of the scars, the treatment can vary. For less intense boxcar scars, chemical peel treatment can be applied. This procedure increases cell turnover and moreover boosts collagen production.

4. Keloid Scars

Keloid scars are reddish almost small bump like scars that appear predominantly in lighter skin. However, a keloid scar can also appear in darker skin with a pinkish appearance. The reddish look of the scar emerges as a result of active inflammation on the skin.

Treatment – Steroid injections can be used to flatten out the keloid scars. The primary goal of the treatment is to diffuse the active inflammation of the scar. If there is a persistence of discoloration on the skin then laser treatment such as Pulsed Dye Laser can be used. This treatment can discard the discoloration by focusing the treatment on the blood vessels.

5. Combination Scars

Combination scars are nothing but the appearance of two types of scars at the same time on the skin surface. The majority of people tend to suffer from a combination of acne scars. For instance, a combination of boxcar and ice pick scars.

Treatment – Since combination scars have two types of acne scar conditions appearing at the same time, multiple treatments have to be used for curing them. However, the most preferred treatment is the Picosecond Laser treatment that can tame and eventually reduce such scarring.

The longer you delay the treatment for these scars, the more complicated it gets to cure them. Don’t prolong your suffering. With the right use of laser treatment for acne scar (Laser cicatrice acne) or other treatment options, you can be scar free and flawless.

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