5 Types Of Men’s Bag You Should Know

5 Types Of Men’s Bag You Should Know

If you’re still in dilemma that men don’t have more than 1 bag for all the stuffs he do. Then trust me you are way behind in time man. from david beckham to johnny depp each celebrity is holding the kind of bags that even make women get conscious after seeing.

According to the reports, 2015 has seen 20% growth in men’s bag sale in compare to 2014. The market nowadays is flooded with some of the stylish men’s bag collection.

This is an era for a men to buy some coolest and stylish bags to meet the purposes. There are variety of stylish bags available out there serving different purposes. You just need to choose one that best meet your demands.

In case, you’re not aware about the trend of the men’s bag Then take a look at best 5 bags out there for guys to get start with :-

5 Types Of Men’s Bag You Should Know

1.Backpack: Let’s just start with the common one about which everyone must be knowing. A classic staple which is a part of every man wardrobe. Backpack is one of the best bag without a doubt to have. If you’re not the one who carry books then don’t worry, it is still the best you got. It can hold your 15 inches macbook right under its covers, A perfect companion for little small trips, a right tool for photographers. If you’re worried that the bag size will look bigger even without having inside much of the stuff then go for the one that can be compressed easily.

2.Gym bag: Every guy who had or have locker perfectly know the importance of having gym bag in his wardrobe. It is worst to have one bag in which you carry both the shoes and food on a alternate basis. The new trendy gym bags has finally got your back, the pocket at front is just made to keep shoe only. The zip in the centre is for all the other stuffs to hold on so that you don’t have to put all things together with shoe. The bag is quite slim and trendy as it does not give a look of gym bag instead it appear as a messenger bag to others.

3.Hold-all bag: Holdall bag is a classic escape of briefcase. The hold all is an essential bag to consist in a men collections. The look of the bag is lot classy than suitcase, at the same time it is small enough to be carry on while you are going out of the town for two to three days. The leather material in black color of bag make it look more stylish with the straps on top for easy access of it. It is quite spacious to hold 2-3 pair of shoes easily. The look is something every men can get flattered on.

4. Diaper bag: Every men once in a life come to the point where he became father of a child and the responsibilities start burdening shoulders. Most of you guys out there may be or may be not aware about diaper bags that are specifically design for fathers. Diaper bags for men consist of hundreds of variety that look as stylish as your gym bag. The bag has racks which organise both the kid and father stuff perfectly. The bag looks equally stylish as women one.Drastic change has occurred in fashion industry from last few years. same it is happened with bag industry. Men have lot more options than they used to have, online market has lot to offer for everyone, you just need to hit the right pattern for yourself to make it look best as it is.

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