Amazing Windows 8

Windows 8 is an operating system . It is developed by Microsoft and it is the latest version of Microsoft company. At first, what is operating system? It is an interface between the user and the system. Windows 8 is an operating system especially for personal computers. It supports all kinds of software and attracts the users with its modern templates and new designs. It is very user friendly and have many new apps for the users. Lets see some of the popular apps in detail

  • Skydrive
  • Deezer
  • Twitter
  • Foreca weather
  • timer
  • Daily puzzle
  • App radio
  • Skype
  • Samurai vs Zombies Defense
  • com

Amazing Windows 8


Skydrive is an app for store your files. The uniqueness in this is , accessible from any device virtually. And it is a Microsoft’s cloud storage solution. Each and every document saved in the sky drive, automatically get uploaded to the cloud space and can be accessed through other devices.


Deezer app is especially for listening music. And it is used to see high quality videos. You can get unlimited music and create your own music library. Listen music anytime from anywhere with comfort.


Get twitter on your PC through windows 8 and enjoy tweet with communicating with your friends and relatives. Share photo, videos and everything with your friends .

Foreca Weather

Foreca weather is to analyze the current weather condition of your place. You can also get to know the weather report for 10 days. Don’t worry about your location, it gives the animation for location all over the world.

Flow Timer

It is a social time tracking app. It can be used by a single person or by a team or it may also used by the company which needs time tracking app. Enjoy this app with windows 8.

Daily Puzzle

There are thousands types of puzzle for you daily through this daily puzzle app. It improves your logical thinking capability, memory power and concentration. It is a good hobby which improves your talent in a good thing .

App Radio

Nowadays most of them having a passion of listening radio. It delivers quick access to your favorite station. There are hundreds of stations to listen to good quality and with clear audio. You can customize it of your choice .


Through Skype can make a video call or chat with your friends or relatives. You can also make group calls through Skype an share files through Skype .

Samurai Vs Zombies Defense

It is a very popular game nowadays among children and also adults. Get this Samurai vs Zombies Defense through windows 8 on your personal computer and enjoy playing this. It is simple and enjoyable. app is to find hotels near by you. It helps you to find cheap hotel and luxury hotel near by you through your windows 8 on your personal computer.

Make use of windows 8 and enjoy the popular apps in it!!

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