Capture All That Of Your Mac Screen

If you are a Mac user there are certain things that you wished would have been a part of Mac features. Apple products have their set of special features and great quality. There are a few things unavailable in them but you don’t need to regret about it. The lack is filled by other applications to help you enjoy all benefits. It is often seen that you want to record the moving or capture the screen of your gadget. Mostly this feature is not present in gadgets but people are unanimous that it is a great feature to be included. Keeping the demand in mind we have come up with such a recorder to fulfill your wish.

Capture All That Of Your Mac Screen

The screen capture studio

The Movavi screen capture studio is supported in all apple products. You can record videos or capture screen shots of your Mac products. Recording HD videos at highest quality is now made easy. The studio also has editing tool to edit the recorded video. You can delete unwanted parts of the recording, enhance the audio or video calling and even save it in a format you want. It has all popular media formats in which you can convert your video.

You can capture anything from the screen such as Skype calls, video tutorials, online lessons, TV serials etc. You can use the recording for future purpose. It is a great help for any professional or personal use.

How does it work?

The best features are available in this recorder. Latest technology is used to make all the features available at such high quality. You can capture footage from your Mac screen at upto 60 fps or you can also reduce the size of the output file at 5-10 fps. Adjust the capturing area and audio source including the capturing of keyboard and mouse actions. Not only that you can configure the program for scheduled recording with the convenient capture timer. After you get the raw format you can edit it by using the editing tool. You can enhance it by adding music and stylish transitions etc. At the end, you can save it instantly with the super fast feature. You can also save it in any format popular in media like MP4, MOV and AVI etc.

Start using it

The screen recording on Mac not only supports apple products but also windows and others. For further details follow There is no charge for using it. The application is absolutely free for download. Just visit the site and click on the download option present there and follow instructions for installing it. Start using it today and enjoy all its unique features.

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