Courchevel 1850 And The Reasons Behind Its Popularity As A Luxury Ski Resort

Courchevel 1850 is the most eastern resort of the famous three valleys ski area. It is unique in that it was designed from scratch back in 1942 rather than based on an existing town or village. It is the biggest connected ski area in the world with an excellent ski lift system that can cope with a huge amount of people even at the busiest times. It has been referred to as the Saint Tropez of ski resorts due to the number of celebrities and royals it attracts each year and was named by The Daily Telegraph newspaper back in 2008 as “the best ski resort in Europe, if you can afford it”.
Of course a resort that appeals to the rich and famous will have a significant number of luxury ski chalets to rent, so if its luxury you are after then Courchevel 1850 could be the place for you. Try out the wonderful and luxurious Chalet Les Sorbiers if you want something that will astound you. It comes complete with its own dedicated staff for the duration of your stay including a butler and chef, and facilities on offer include its own private terrace with an outdoor hot tub to relax in.
Of course it’s not just the accommodation that attracts people but the whole experience including some excellent skiing and other winter sports. It’s the ski resort with the most Michelin starred restaurants so if you enjoy eating gourmet food you won’t be disappointed. Designer shops are also in abundance with names like Prada, Dior and Chanel in the town and although the majority of visitors are British, it does attract a fair amount of Russian visitors particularly during the Russian New Year.
Courchevel has been a popular choice for many over the years and looks set to attract even more visitors in the future.

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