Ensuring Proper Installation And Maintenance Of Your PV System Is Crucial

Any home owner who invests in solar power or photovoltaic (PV) system would like to make sure that he/she gets the most out of it. For this, all you need to do is ensure that the installation and maintenance procedure of your PV system are handled efficiently.
Ensuring Proper Installation And Maintenance Of Your PV System Is Crucial
As far as installation is concerned, you can either do it yourself or let your PV panel provider deal with it. For obvious reasons, outsourcing the job is a wiser choice, but make sure to compare Orange County solar system installation prices in advance.
Below mentioned points are considered while installing the system:

  • Availability of solar resource
  • Size of the system
  • How much roof space will the system require
  • Should the system be connect to the grid or not
  • Measures to ensure system safety

Well, thinking over all these points can be a tasking job for a layman. On the other hand, professionals can understand the situation and take necessary steps swiftly.
Hiring a contractor for installation and maintenance:
There are many points to consider before you hire a contractor for PV panel installation and maintenance. You definitely want your system in safe hands and thus, picking a contractor after doing a little research is ideal. So, before you hire one, ask the following questions.
Since how long the contractor is installing and maintaining PV systems?
A contractor who is working in the business, from many years, will know the installation and maintenance process of PV systems like the back of his hand. He / She will have a clear idea about what approvals need to be obtained, what is the exact orientation and tilt suitable for your system, what can be done to avoid repairs and damaged, etc.
Is the contractor licensed?
Always remember a licensed contractor will make sure the installation procedures are carried out with utmost safety. They are trained and certified to handle the installation and maintenance procedure efficiently. Furthermore, a certified contractor will know all the latest governmental rules and norms concerning the installation of PV systems. So, instead of hiring anyone, always opt for a certified contractor.
Does the contractor have any lawsuits filed against him/her?
You definitely don’t want a contractor who has several pending complaints and lawsuits filed against him for delivering poor work quality. So, inquire this well in advance. Contact your state electrical board, since they can help you with this by providing necessary information of contractors.
Importance of Proper maintenance:
Just like any other mechanical and electrical appliance needs regular maintenance, so does your PV system. Over the period of time, your system components will need repair and replacement. The efficiency of your system will depend on how well you maintain it and therefore, talk with your system provider and installer about it. They can explain you how you can carry out basic routine inspections and maintenance tasks yourself. However, if you are not a do-it-your-self type, then it is better to sign an annual maintenance contract with a professional.
Lastly, when you are looking for a company and contractor to help you with your PV panels’ requirements, then it is ideal that you get quotes from different companies and contractors. Nevertheless, make sure the quotes are provided for the same system and on same basis.

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