List Of Best Top 10 Schools In Bangalore

list of school Bangalore

In India, school education is considered under state board, CBSE, ICSE, and IGCSE. Selecting the suitable board depends upon a few principles. In case you have a transferable job it’s better to decide the central board, as its uniform across the state. But, if you are planning to broaden the educational horizons for your child and send him/ her abroad for higher studies, ICSE or IGCSE is a better option.

Are you looking for a good international school in Bangalore for your children? Are you overwhelmed by the alternative open to you? Are you struggling to make a good choice? Read through this list of school Bangalore. This will assist you to make a better, smarter and more knowledgeable decision.

  • Does the school actually have a global look and feel?
  • Is the school situated in a quiet, natural setting, favorable to learning?
  • Does the school have global accreditations?
  • International Baccalaureate and IGCSE are internationally known, academic models. Does your international school go after either of these curriculums?
  • Is there a focus on extracurricular activities as much as on academics?
  • Does the school focus on sports that your kids are used to playing
  • Does the school have air-conditioned classrooms as Indian weather can be hot and humid?
  • Does the school have top of the line infrastructure in terms labs and other resources?
  • Is the teaching ability trained to handle global students?
  • Does the school serve worldwide cuisine in its cafeteria?
  • Does the school follow the Indian year or the American year?
  • If it is a housing school, check to see if your youngster will feel at home in his boarding room?
  • Will the school take care of the transportation needs of the child?

List Of Best Top 10 Schools In Bangalore

How will the School Assist Smoothen your Child’s Transition to a New Environment?

If you are an expatriate looking to enroll your child in a global school in India, look up the web to see what IB schools in Bangalore have to proffer you will get a list of school Bangalore. Talk to parents of children presence each school. Take a walk through around schools that interest you, if likely, take your child along with you. Do all this, previous to you make your decision. After all, your youngster deserves the best.

Bangalore Schools List

Here is the list of top 10 schools in Bangalore posted in Bangalore so far. I have arranged it based on the syllabus.

Some schools might have simply admission notifications, some of them maybe in more feature. Some schools have two or more syllabus, so you can find them in the names in each section as well. Hope this list helps.

  • ACTS Secondary School
  • B Mona High School
  • Baldwin Boys High School
  • Baldwin Girls High School
  • Bishop Cotton Boys School
  • Bishop Cotton Girls School
  • Brigade School
  • Gnan Srishti School of Excellence
  • Gopalan National School
  • India International School (IIS)

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