Oral Winstrol vs. Injectable- Which one is way better

Winstrol is a steroid, which is available in the form of oral pills and powders as well as in the form of injections. Winstrol is also known with different names like Stanozolol or Winny. Many countries have banned steroids and buying or selling without permission may land trouble. Winstrol is mostly preferred by athletes to increase strength, speed and performance. Moreover, it can be used by both men and women. Winstrol also works wonders during cutting cycles and help achieve toned body.

Winstrol is considered as most effective anabolic steroid which is used for both bulking up and reducing weight. Winstrol also acts as diuretic and prevents water retention and reduces weight caused due to water. Winstrol induces lactic acid shortly after consumption that helps in reducing weight. When Winstrol is used to improve overall athletic performance and strength, user should visit doctor to know about dosage.


Though, Winstrol is anabolic steroid and safe to use while being effective for cutting but long term use because mild side effects like mood swings nausea, joint pains, acne, jaundice and rashes. Few users may experience severe abdominal pain, swollen arms, and headaches. It may even cause allergies, breathing difficulties and swollen lips as part of side effects.

Winstrol is used by many to achieve lean and toned muscle mass and it can be supplemented in to body without harming liver when taken under moderation. Dosages should be started from low initially and can be increased later. Winstrol can be purchased without prescription.

Immune system of the user, differentiate steroids as androgenic or estrogenic hormone. Mostly, Winstrol steroids show androgenic properties by increasing testosterone levels in females. When Winstrol supplements are consumed following physician’s advice do not cause any adverse effects and increasing dosage way beyond cause damage to liver. Winstrol steroids are also used to treat medical ailments like osteoporosis, where bones tend to reduce and to treat breast cancer but user should consult doctor before using personally.

Oral Winstrol vs. Injectable

  • Both oral form of Winstrol, as well as injectable ones functions similar to each other.

  • Injectable form of Winstrol must be administered to muscle directly with sterilized syringe on each use.

  • Oral ones are less painful and easier to consume when compared with injectable ones.

  • Winstrol substituents directly enter circulatory system.

  • Many users prefer oral Winstrol supplements, but this cause more side effects on liver.

  • When Winstrol is supplemented via injections it does not damage liver but, it increases cholesterol and decrease testosterone.

  • Initially it is good to consume in lower doses and increase later when the body gets used to it.

  • Oral Winstrol increases the strength and stamina of the user and allows doing high intense workouts.

  • Side effects are the major concerns that prevent a person from trying out the various body building supplements. Hence tests were conducted to determine the safety levels associated with the post workout supplements. And after the tests it was determined that these products lack side effects. 

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