Questions To Ask Before Hiring The Brampton Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you have been accused or you feel that you need a criminal lawyer, you should find one soon. The potential alternatives of not appointing a Brampton criminal defense lawyer could be broken agreements, lost claims or worse, imprisonment. But before you hire any Brampton criminal defense lawyer you should get answers to some very important questions listed here.

When you are facing criminal charges, time is the essence, but stays calm and hire the best attorney to defend you. So, the first thing you need to do is gather names of some important lawyers. Contact Mitch Engel Defense Lawyer and fix an appointment at the earliest. Similarly, fix appointments with others also so that you have some points to compare and decide which one of them would be right for you. Make sure you go for the meeting well prepared so that you can fill the questionnaire they ask you to answer which would be mostly related to your case.

Questions To Ask Before Hiring The Brampton Criminal Defense Lawyer

Ask for Brampton Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Experience and Background

When you first meet your lawyer, it is very important to find out whether he has significant experience or not and whether or not he is well versed with the minute details of law in that area. You can ask the lawyer:

  • Which law school did you attend?
  • When did you graduate?
  • How many case do you normally handle?
  • How many times do you appear in the court?
  • How frequently do your clients go for trial?
  • Do you belong to any professional association or any bar association?
  • Have you handled any case similar to mine?

Ask Questions Related to Assessment of Your Case

No matter what the charges are against you, your Brampton criminal defense lawyer should be capable of informing you what’s to come. Some relevant questions are:

  • What are my legal alternatives?
  • Are you going to plead guilty, an agreement or go for a trial?
  • What potential problems and possibilities do you predict in my case?
  • What shall I expect at different stages of legal procedures?

Questions Asked in Relation to Case Management

Case management is used for the way in which case logistics are handled. You need to know what is going on behind the scene with reference to your case. Relevant questions are:

  • Are you going to represent me in the court?
  • Will anyone else, like your assistant or any other person, work on my case?
  • If I have any question, can I call you?
  • How would you prefer to be contacted and what is the turnaround time that you offer answering my query?

Legal Fees

Last but one of the most important aspect is the legal fee of Brampton criminal defense lawyers. When it comes to financial terms it is always good to make things clear beforehand. Find out:

  • Do you have a flat rate or you charge hourly?
  • Are there any hidden charges?

Answers to these questions will definitely help you find the best Brampton criminal lawyer for your case to hire and have the peace of mind.

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