Single and Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinders Produced By Hydraulic Cylinders

The makers and suppliers of hydraulic cylinders intend many distinct ranges of cylinders that depend on the specific requirements of the device and environment in which they have to install them. In general, hydraulic cylinders manufacturers categorize their products into two designs that are based on the way that the fluid acts on the piston. In this blog post, we will explain the two major designs- single acting and double acting hydraulic cylinders.

Single Acting

In this type of hydraulic cylinder, fluid is forced from single side of the piston. That means it relies on the external force, such as spring, gravity or even load to return it to its original position. You can easily find these cylinders in internal combustion engines, such as diesel and petrol engines, external combustion engines, like steam engines, and a complete range of hydraulic rams and pumps.

Double Acting

In this design, hydraulic fluid puts pressure in both directions. Double acting cylinders are widely used in steam engines and in pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders where force is required in both directions. You can operate them at any angle and avail exceptional control over the travel rate in both directions.

There are sleeves intended by professionals for these cylinders. These sleeves are known as hydraulic cylinder sleeves that serve the purpose of sealing the opening between several components in the hydraulic cylinder. The two initial types of seals are-

  • Dynamic Seals
  • Static Seals

Dynamic seals are used as sealing solution between components in relative motion.

Static seals are used as sealing solution between components fixed together without relative motion.

Every dynamic seal is intended for particular function in order to enhance the performance of the system.

A Few Dynamic Seals are-

  • Piston seals
  • Rod seals
  • Buffer seals
  • Wiper seals
  • Guide rings

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