Squeeze The Brilliant U

HTC has evolved to such a level that a new remark able property is induced in it which is squeezing property; it states that now the phone can be squeezed to perform some specific functions such as it can be used to take a photo by just squeezing it with a little push, the modern featured mobile phone launches  It’s response immediately after a little squeeze this shows that the infrastructure of the phone is highly sensitive to pressure, with this amazing property we can instantly access Google assistant without needing to use any hot word for specific task.

Squeeze The Brilliant U


HTC has merged up with many design features which are present in other smart phones such as it has IP6 and 7 like waterproofing, it has unique water surface with no intricate patterns on it due to this property it is also known as ocean phone locally, it has IP 6 like 9 aspect display this is the reason to how it has suppressed all other phones before it and it also has a front fingerprint scanner on it. The HTC U11 has a protector glass on its front and a metal core at its back; these types of phones are known as uni-body metal phones.it has highly influenced tech news.

Squeeze The Brilliant U

Hardware and specs

It has many differentiating hardware specifications such as it has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, it has 64 GB internal storage with a micro SD slot so extra storage can also be induced in it, it has USB type C and a 3.5 mm head phone socket in it, the most important hardware feature is its battery type which is 3000 mAH this property allows its user to use it for long, it has a very fast processor which has 4 GB RAM and dual SIM activation is also induced in it. Due to variety in its features it has made remarkable place in the history of technology news.

Squeeze The Brilliant U

Software and specs

It has android nougat which has parental HTC sense, like all other smart phones it has a Google assistant, it also has a built in Amazon Alexa which is primitively featured in this phone, it has HTC sense companion and a remarkable edge sense; this one is more noticeable than the existing version of software updated in other HTC phones. The phone has developed vastly on technology news. The sense companion is an assistant to help manage phone thus there would be addition for smart alarms and more help.

Squeeze The Brilliant U


The camera of the respective smart phone is extremely beneficial for those who intend to take their pictures specially selfie takers. It gives 100% efficient response to its users. Back or rare camera is 12 – megapixels, 1.4 µm pixels, f/1.7, OIS and the front camera is 16- megapixels, f/2.0, 150 – degree wide angle that is why it is also known as selfie phone other than that it has HRD boost thus it is really talking up the speed of autofocus this is the reason why it takes great photos instantly with no messing around. Its contribution towards the tech news is quite smart.

Release date and price

The phone has been officially released on 16 of May and will be on sale in many regions on 18 of May, although exact availability is awaited still everywhere, it’s more likely to be in June, its price is most expected to be not more than 649 euro in UK for the 64 GB version, the price will be drooped soon enough after its release it also has a built in antivirus which plays an important role in technology news.

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