The Biggest Myths About Car Shipping

There are a lot of misconceptions about car shipping companies. How to get shipping car quotes cost online to making the final deal, it is a long process which involves a few myths. Let us look at these –

The Biggest Myths About Car Shipping

Compared to house to house, the terminal to terminal charges are cheaper – This sounds true. Door to door shipping would mean traveling extra and plus extra effort. But this is only a myth. The fee for both the services is same, even if time and fuel is saved by dropping the car at the terminal. But sheltering your car at the terminal would in any case require extra charges.

The quote depends on the distance alone – There is no denying of the fact that distance is the topmost factor taken into consideration when moving the car. But it is wrong to say that the quote depends upon it alone. The condition of your car, the area where it has to be moved, the flexibility and accessibility, everything is taken into consideration when moving a car.

Removing hubcaps reduces overall cost – There is a difference between overseas shipping and domestic shipping. In the case of the former, you may be asked to remove parts like wipers and hubcaps. But when it comes to domestic moving, removing the hubcap has nothing to do with how much you pay for the shipping. While it is not compulsory to remove the hubcaps, you need to follow other things. Additional items should all be removed from within the car. You need to maintain the weight rules basically.

Preparing the car for transportation is difficult – The process, though it sounds very difficult, is actually quite simple. You need to see that all fluids are of the level indicated in the manual of the car. And also keep additional fuel in the tank in case it is required during the transport. Remove all the personal items from within it. See that you do not leave anything important in it because you will not be able to access it till the time it is with the shipping company. Toll readers are one item which people usually forget to remove. But you sure do not want to pay additionally at the tolls, so make sure you have removed them.

These are a few myths common with shipping companies. Find out a company, how much does it cost to ship a car, and then let them handle your car.

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