The iOS App Advantage

Fast is the modern world and so is your phone. For a fast working phone, the base is a fast computing operating system. Mobile platform operating systems supports apps, the latest application on a mobile phone. An app can work over a variety of devices that can be a laptop, a desktop, an android enabled mobile phone, an iPad or an iPhone. The greatest challenge is building it for working across platforms. A good idea to start building an app is to develop it in one platform and for one particular device.

The iOS App Advantage

In mobile app development world, iOS and Android are the two main categories for building apps over a platform. Both iOS and Android occupy almost 90% of the market share (IDC, 2014) in operating systems for mobile development. Commercial purposes generally get common on a mobile app as ideas today have been turning into app development. And when an idea has to be converted into a pilot project, iOS platform dominates over android since iOS users are the kind of people who are always on the outlook for innovation. They are in for any new adventure and are ready to explore it.

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iOS customers fit on the premium domain and usually are the high income group. The customers belonging to the developed and also luxury markets can test a trial app in a few hours certifying their success in the initial days of its release. iOS users have been so habitual in testing new apps almost so frequently over the iPhone that iOS app development is a natural means to test a new app rather than the Android.

It is also seen that iOS users are most likely to make in-app purchases in comparison to Android users. Android covers a wide range of audiences commencing from the low income group to the high income group. This is very valid information for a retail app which goes profitable among iOS users in comparison to android users.

Also a trend among the iOS users is their purchasing power. Research has confirmed that iOS users make more online purchases over an app as collated android users do. Android supports low and high end mobiles while iOS generally belongs to the high end users with large purchasing power. So if an app is a retail app, then iOS will be its testing waters.

Developers who have been developing apps have preferred iOS platform to android since just not the look and feel but the overall experience that a iOS gives is an experience in itself. Developers prefer to test apps on iOS since iOS has been the great dad of mobile application development.

iOS apps have proved time and again that user reach is faster since most apple users are glues to their iPhone most of the time while android caters all users including users who use a phone to just converse. Are you on your app development for launching your idea, then go the iOS app way.

About Author : Annabelle Stephena+ is an Senior app developer, mobility strategist and Team Leader. At present, she is working with Technoligent, a leading mobile app development company. Stephena having hands on experience in making innovative mobile apps.

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