What To Look For In A Magic Show

What To Look For In A Magic Show

Magic is an amazing craft, through the power of illusion it can dazzler and entertain as well as leaving you puzzled as to how it was possible.  Whilst it can be amazing to watch a professional magic show it can also be incredibly rewarding to witness the reaction of a child when presented with a magic trick for the first time. Children accept much more at face value and generate a genuine sense of wonder that adults are often unable to generate.

If you are thinking of either attending a magic show or having one at your home for your child’s party then you will need to locate a professional magician near you.  Anyone leaving in the Toronto area will be able to avail themselves of the services of magicalduda.com; a professional team of full time magicians which promise to provide a show that will dazzle and leave your children amazed!

What To Look For In A Magic Show

There are several key ingredients to look for when choosing the right magic show for your party:


The most important factor of your decision should be the reputation of the firm you wish to use.  You can check the feedback they have received on their website; although it is possible that only the good feedback is posted on the site.  A better alternative is to contact friends and family who have used the services of a magician and can recommend the best one for your needs.  It is also possible to look at the social media sites to see what comments have been posted about specific magic shows or magic firms.  However, when consulting social media it is essential to remember that any firm will have some negative feedback; it is not possible for everyone to be satisfied.  Providing the majority of the feedback is positive then you should still consider the magic show on offer.


In general the more experience a magician has the better the magic show will be.  However, this is not always true.  Some new magicians have a host of new tricks which will dazzle and impress better than years of experience.  As well as assessing how long someone has been practicing magic you should see if there is a connection between you and them.  If you see them as friendly and they are likely to connect with your intended audience then this can be more important than experience.

The best option, if possible, is to see them in action will soon know if they are the right one for your occasion.


It is important to verify the cost of the magic show.  Even if one show is significantly better than another you may find that the cost of the show is prohibitive.  Gaining value for your money is important and a magic show which is much more than its competitors must be offering a spectacular additional benefit to justify the extra cost.

It is also worth considering whether the firm offers magic lessons afterwards.  Many children are interested in learning magic tricks after they have seen a well put together show.  Magic lessons can help with this!

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