How to Match your Dress with your Shoes

“A shoe has much more to offer…than just to walk.”Christian Louboutin.

How to create the perfect pairing, i.e., how to match your dress with your shoes? Many of us have a wide range of shoes in our wardrobe, but to know which pair to you should wear with each dress if often a challenge. We need both go to dresses, and staple pairs of shoes, that we can match with your occasion dresses.

One of the most important events in our childhood is our prom night, so finding the perfect match between our prom dresses and our shoes is very important. Here we bring you some hints and tips on how to do just that.

Match your shoe color with your dress

Whilst this look has traditionally been seen as old fashioned (in the 1960s), wearing everything the same shade, it appears to have come back in fashion, and does have its benefits. Firstly, it elongates the legs, and gives an almost surprising polish to almost anything you have on. On the catwalk, designed such as Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel and Dolce and Gabbana have been displayed clothing with matching shoes in many designs and fabrics. Jessica, a designer at JJ’s House, would recommend ‘choosing shoes that are one shade darker than your outfit, the difference in shade will be subtle, but it will avoid your colors clashing.’

How about the style of prom dress you’re wearing?

Short Prom Dresses

  • Nudes Shoes

These are typically our staple pair. Nudes are known to give your legs an elongated look, creating an illusion that your legs actually flow into your feet. We would pair these with a short prom dress, or a dress that is heavily embellished or glam to add balance to your overall look.

  • Peep Toe Shoes

This style of shoe goes fabulously with bare legs. So, if your prom dress is short or knee-length, this pair is a good match. If you prefer a comfier or more causal look, opt for wedges or flat peep toes instead.

Long Prom Dresses

  • Pumps

Pumps shout urban and chic. If your prom dress is long, or you’re wearing pantsuits, then these shoes will take your outfit to the next level. You will look modern and classy, and be the bell of the ball.

  • Sandals or Gladiators

If your prom dress is long and sultry, we would opt for wearing strappy sandals or silver gladiators. As your dress is long, you have a more varied choice of shoe, if you have a red dress, why not choose contrasting colors such as black or silver for your footwear.

We hope you have enjoyed todays post as much as we have, stay tuned for more helpful Prom hints and tip.

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