10 Common Writing Mistakes To Avoid – How To Please Your Professor

Writing is an art and skill that is not easy to master. Academic writing is more complex as it needs thorough research and fine writing skills to make a meaningful and relevant article and research paper.

10 Common Writing Mistakes To Avoid - How To Please Your Professor

There are several companies and independent freelance writers available for doing the job. However, not everyone is equipped with the skill sets needed for an excellent writer.

Below is the list of some of the common mistakes to avoid and make your professor proud of your work:

  • Relevant titles

It is of utmost importance that the article, thesis, or the research paper you have written has an appropriate and relevant title. A crisp and catchy title is the first look through to your article and can generate enough interest in the article or the research piece.

  • Proper formatting

Anyone can get impressed with a perfect finished product. A properly formatted writing piece or research paper with proper fonts, citation, spacing, page margins make a great difference to the final writing piece.

  • Evidence-based writing

It is essential to back the writing piece with proper evidence to support your argument and make it more authentic.

  • Taking references not copying

One of the common mistakes many students and writers do is to use the phrases and references as it is without making appropriate changes. Originality and creativity are musts in any good and authentic writing assignment. To check some of such original writing samples, please visit mypaperwriter.com.

  • Grammatical errors

Although, relevant and refined the content is, grammatical incorrectness can be a big spoiler to your writing assignment. It is must to use proper semicolon, commas, and apostrophes to make it grammatically correct.

  • Professional writing

To make your writing stronger and interesting, it is essential to use professional language and readable content that makes sense based on the topic chosen.

  • Avoid repetition

Another important point to consider is to avoid a lot of repetition and filler sentences in the writing. The introduction and conclusion should be crisp and not overlapping with the same information.

  • Originality

A lot of people make the mistake of using quotations as it is in writing. To make your piece original, it is advisable to use own quotes as a reference and use your language relevant to the context with easy to make connections.

  • Strong opening or hook

One of the strategies to make readers interested in the writing piece is to use a very strong hook or opening. Make sure that the opening is not vague and unrelated to the topic.

  • Strong arguments to make the writing stronger

An essential feature in any good writing is the presence of a strong and compelling argument. Avoid the writing that just states the facts and already known findings. Use your creativity to make it more opinion based and argumentative writing.

The academic writing world is full of competent, reliable, and trustworthy writers who are known to do the quality work. Doing thorough research before choosing the right one and making sure that the above-said mistakes are avoided is the way to complete your research paper or thesis with the quality work to impress everyone.

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