7 Things To Remember Before Climbing Aconcagua

Mountain climbing is a kind of athletic adventure. It demands enough physical and mental strength to prepare yourself for an Aconcagua hike. Being the highest mountain in the southern and western hemisphere, Aconcagua is popularly known among climbers, trekkers, and hikers. but, climbing mountain is not just about getting to the top and enjoy the victory, instead it’s all about patience, persistence, strength, and challenges. So, before you go for climbing you should consider knowing some of the important things so that you can prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario along the journey.

Pick the Right Destination

Depending on your physical endurance and budget, you should pick the right summit to have smooth climbing experience. By smooth, it doesn’t mean that you won’t get any hurdles along the trail. But, being a beginner if you choose the Mount Everest for your first climb, then it will be an awful experience for you. Aconcagua is easier to climb, according to mountaineers. So, you can start your journey with Aconcagua climbing.

Mental Preparation

Mental preparation is a must for climbing the mountains. According to climbers, in the mountain, sometimes it’s only the mental strength that keeps you moving. So, if you are not mentally strong then it will be hard for you to properly assess the strength and capability you hold.

Physical Preparation

Physical preparation comes in the list of crucial things while climbing. You can start preparing by running, walking, and hiking. Here, not only strength plays a crucial role but also it requires your flexibility. So, you can start doing yoga and stretching exercises to build up the flexibility in you. Also, before you go for climbing you can start with indoor climbing to check your fitness capability.

Run a Trial on your Gear

Your gear is a prerequisite thing while you climb the mountain. So, these are the things that you will be needed to overcome any hurdles in the mountain. Before you start your climbing, make sure you run a trial test on your gear to check whether they are in proper condition or not.

Train yourself properly

Without training, you will find it very difficult to climb in the mountains. For the training purpose, you can enroll yourself in any training programme. There are various mountain clubs, where they provide periodic training.

Learn Camping

Camping is a must thing to do while you are in the mountain. It will be your shelter in harsh weather condition. So, learn how to set up camp on the top of the mountains.

Personal Hygiene Maintain

Hygiene maintain is one of the most important things in the mountain. Otherwise, it may cause serious damage. Try carry staff like brush, hand sanitizer, etc.


The immense benefits of rock climbing can’t be overlooked. Climbing is not only a physical game but a mental too. If you are a novice and finding yourself apprehensive about going for climbing, then no need to take your doubts forward. Even if you don’t know How to climb Aconcagua, these organizations can help you out to fulfill your dream. You will get to complete your Aconcagua journey with experienced mountaineers. This will reduce the chances of you being injured. Also, getting an opportunity to climb with experienced mountaineers provide you the chance to know the risks associated with climbing and how you can refrain yourself from these.

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