10 Latest Wedding Trends Every Soon-to-be Bride Should Know

10 Latest Wedding Trends Every Soon-to-be Bride Should Know

The wedding day is undoubtedly the most priceless day in a bride’s life! Every bride wants her special day to be nothing short of an enchanting fairy tale. Everything has to be perfect! The cake, the flowers, the bridal ensemble, the bridesmaid’s dresses, the decor, the ceremony, absolutely everything on the list has to be happen in the right order and at the right time, without a hint of imperfection. This colossal task of managing every aspect of a bride’s requirements immaculately up to the last detail and with an effortless flair is the essentials of a competent wedding planner. So, if you’re a bride-to-be and do not know where to start from, this article is for you. Here is a list of latest wedding trends that will give wings to your imagination and help you sort out what all you could ask your wedding planner to do for you:

The Vintage Appeal of Glamor

Vintage is symbolic of timeless elegance and classic sophistication. This year’s decor is going to be about soft lace, homey burlap and mason jars fused with the modern charm of colorful flowers, shiny linen and attractive chandeliers. Glamor weddings are in vogue as of now. So, make some extra space for simple elegance, crisp tuxedos, and some charismatic decor.

The Return of Color

Much unlike the previous trend of whites and pastels, the new trend is all about bold colors. There will be color everywhere, from your bouquet to your bridesmaids dresses to your decor. The fashion of carrying bouquets in pale pink and yellow is about to make a comeback! You could ask for dramatic and bright colored hues in your decor as opposed to an all-monochromatic affair.

All About Pretty Flowers and Flowy Bouquets

Small and simple bouquets are a thing of yesterday. This is the year for the bigger and the bolder. The bride’s bouquet is going to be bigger and in an assortment of complimentary colors. When you request for a bigger and flowy bouquet, do try holding and walking around with it to ensure that they are convenient to handle. Even the choice of flowers has changed. Say hello to Hydrangeas, Garden Roses, Peonies, and Spray Roses. Oh yes, baby breath too; lots and lots of ‘em!

A New Fashion in Bridal Gowns

Gone are the days of conventional whites in traditional one piece designs. Thanks to fashion icon Olivia Palermo for introducing the trend of stylish bridal separates. Separate layers are not the only in-thing in gowns these days, get ready to welcome off the shoulder dresses as well. The market is flooded with these designs, so be sure to hunt around and find your dream gown before some other lucky bride walks away with it.

10 Latest Wedding Trends Every Soon-to-be Bride Should Know

About Wine and Dine

The traditional practice of seated dining is dying away, as more and more brides opt for a more casual dining experience for her guests. The food trucks have become a hit with modern couples. Almost every vehicle you know could be transformed into a classy food station with some creative handling. Even the menus have changed. Mexican street food, gourmet pizzas, and cheesesteaks are only some of the latest unique food choices.

Many couples prefer a cocktail arrangement where there is no fixed timing to eat and drink. Comfort food is what the couples demand to be served to their guests. Personalized cocktail bars are also a popular choice.

A Classy Bridal Shower

Say your goodbyes to haphazardly put-together bridal showers of silly t-shirts and strippers. The new inclination is towards a more refined and elegant get together of close friends, where the bride could enjoy the best fun-filled moments of her last days as a bachelor, amidst graceful surroundings and charming ensembles of  floral finery.

The Cake Affair

The age old tradition of fondant cakes is here to stay. The simple and (mostly white) cakes are no more what the bride wants to cut on her big day. Much like her decor, she wants to see some beautiful colors and unique creativity on them.

White is not for the Bride Alone

Solange Knowles knows what I am talking about! And so does Kate Middleton! White is becoming a popular choice among many brides as a color for her bridesmaid’s dresses.

The Grand Entrance

Gone are the days when the newly wed couple was introduced by the emcee or their parents or the best man. The new age couple is all about surprising their guests with an amazing choreographed dance entry.

A Play of Complementary Elements

The newest trend is not regarding a single element alone. It is a grand fusion of diverse components fused together to create a distinctive style. For instance, pastel table runners or cloth can be complemented by placing a colorful centerpiece, or white flowers can be arranged in boldly colored vases.

Why go for the ordinary when you can have a decor that boasts of your unique self. You could ask your planner to fuse your imagination into one of the many popular fashions mentioned above. Your wedding day should be a symbolic representation of your personality and individualism, and with these basics in mind, you are not far from having the best wedding in town!

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