13 Teen Tips For Skin Care

Going through puberty can be a stressful time, accompanied with body and hormonal changes. Acne, blackheads, pustules and oily skin are the leading complaints of teenagers experiencing skin issues. Below are 13 teen friendly tips for clearer and healthier skin.


 Foaming and gel cleansers work best for oily skin.  Look for mild cleansers that are 100% hypoallergenic and free of harmful toxins and allergens. Some irritants to be aware of, include: sulfates, PEGs, parabens, formaldehyde releasing preservatives, oatmeal/gluten, dyes and fragrances.


 It is important not to over exfoliate your skin. I recommend, no more than once or twice per week. Do not scrub at the skin as this can cause irritation and will not help with acne or blackheads.

Makeup Removal

 Wash make up off before going to bed to avoid clogged pores and acne breakouts. Use a makeup removal wipe at the very least.  If you consistently sleep in your makeup, you may develop perioral or periocular dermatitis.

13 Teen Tips For Skin Care

Acne Products

 Use the right acne products. Speak with your dermatologist about what will work best for clearing up outbreaks without further complicating them.

Control Oil

 Oily skin will exacerbate conditions such as acne. Use a salicylic acid cleanser and blot oil from skin throughout the day with specialized clothes.


 It is important to guard your skin against a lifelong showing of sun damage. Apply sunscreen daily to avoid UV ray exposure. Choose a hypoallergenic sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30. Reapply sunscreen to areas of the body that experience lengthier times in the sun, including: hands, feet and face. Also, reapply after being in and out of water when swimming.

Avoid Tanning Beds

 You would have to be living under a rock to have not heard by now that tanning beds are not good for your skin. Not only do they set you up for early signs of aging including, fine lines and wrinkles, but they also pose the risk of skin cancer. Melanoma can be fatal if left undetected. Do not use tanning beds. Opt to utilize a self-tanner to get that bronze, sun kissed look.

Choose Hairspray

 If you experience breakouts around your hairline frequently, you may be reacting to hair care products. Skip the gels and spritzes and replace them with hairspray.

Wash Your Hands

 Always wash your hands before applying or removing makeup or touching your face. Make an effort to, not, touch your face throughout the day. Remember, cells phones are covered in germs. Wash your hands after all those evening texting sessions and Facebook status updates.

Don’t Share Makeup

 Don’t share makeup, especially mascara, eyeliner and eye brushes, to avoid spreading infection. Lip products, including a basic chapstick, are also a sharing no no.

Skip Old Wives Tales

 Do not put toothpaste or any other “home remedy” on your zits! This can actually make acne worse.

Be Allergen Aware

 Educate yourself on common contact allergens, toxins and other skin irritants and read labels to avoid them.

Moisturize With Care

 Use moisturizers twice daily, to keep skin hydrated, healthy and younger looking. Choose ceramide creams for optimizing the skin’s barrier and avoid moisturizers that contain allergens. Remember that some acne cleansers can cause the skin to dry out. It is best to use heavy creams and ointments, versus liquid lotions.

By adhering to these 13 skin friendly tips, you are on your way to clearer and healthier skin!

Dr. Cheryl Lee Eberting has developed a sensitive skin care product line which she blogs about regularly at cherylleedmd.com

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