Necklaces are the major piece of jewelry that attracts the attention of people towards the wearer. Choosing the right necklace will not only help you to enhance your looks but also to hide flaws. When selecting diamond necklaces for women, two major areas that one should focus on are neckline and face shape. Necklines help in enhancing the face shape of a wearer to a great extent.
What Areas Should You Focus On While Buying A Diamond Necklace?The features of each woman tend to vary. But most of them fall into some categories. The normal face shapes include round, square, pear, heart and oval. By buying a diamond necklace based on your face shape, you can complement your natural features. To check the exact shape of your face, you will need to pull your hair back and check the chin, jaws, hairline and cheeks.
The oval shaped face is widest at the forehead and reduces into a curved chin. It looks like an egg in shape and is longer rather than being wide. Jewelers usually consider this face shape ideal as long necklaces complement the balance of oval shaped faces. People with a square shape have a forehead and jawline that are almost equal width wise.  Necklaces that come with lengthy chains lengthen the face but soften the angular jaw line. Collar length necklaces are considered most suitable for ladies who have a square face.
People with pear-shaped faces usually have a long chin and a narrow chin. Their temples, forehead, and cheeks are, however, very wide. Long necklaces that come with numerous chains can maintain a balance with the strong jawline. Using opera length necklaces is a good idea to make the face look less triangular.
Faces that are heart shaped have narrow jaw lines. The chin is a bit pointed, and forehead is wider than cheeks. People with a heart shaped face should opt for narrow chains that make the face appear long. For attending formal events, stacked and multi-chained necklaces are the best options to go for to maintain a perfect balance.
But keep one thing in mind. A necklace can complement your looks perfectly only if it matches well with your attire. Diamond necklaces are suitable for wearing on social occasions due to loss related risks. The neckline is another important factor that you need to take into consideration. You should use the chain either above your neckline or far below it. In case the necklace lies over your fabric, opt for contrasting colors. Also, make it a point to ensure that color of the outfits matched with gemstones.
Diamond necklaces are best suited for dresses that come with sparkles. In case, the necklace you wear touches your skin, then you should opt for metals that go well with your skin tone. Once you do that, you will get a complete image makeover and become the center of attention wherever you go.

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