3 Benefits of Using a Bluetooth Gun Safe

Every responsible gun owner knows that a gun safe is often considered an essential home addition for keeping your guns away from thieves or curious children. While there are many additional advantages of owning a safe including security, fire protection, meeting law or insurance requirements, and easy access to your all your guns, you might be concerned that you won’t be able to get to your guns in time if an emergency does occur.  For this reason, a Bluetooth gun safe is a great alternative to a traditional safe. Here are three benefits to consider!

Quick Access

What truly sets Bluetooth gun safes apart from other safe types is extremely quick and easy access. Having to enter a code, grab a key, or spin around the dreaded combination lock can waste precious seconds. With a Bluetooth safe, you only need to press a button on your phone to quickly unlock it. While you might misplace your key, you likely almost always have your phone by your side. Plus, multiple family members who you want to have access to the safe can access the virtual key on their phones as well. 

Child Safe

While you might think a traditional gun safe is enough to protect your children or other children who might visit your home, they can easily get ahold of a physical key if you have one. If you’re not careful, they might even see you enter a code and memorize it. Bluetooth safes are unlocked safely from your phone which often is unlocked using only a personal code, a fingerprint, or facial recognition. 


There are many Bluetooth safes that are small enough to travel with and are easy to carry around. As long as you take your phone with you wherever you go, you’ll be able to easily open your safe if you need it.

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