3 Payment Gateways To Take Your eCommerce Business Further

Taking payments is a key element of eCommerce. Below are three of the most powerful solutions available, allowing your store to sell more without security and speed concerns.

3 Payment Gateways To Take Your eCommerce Business Further


Probably the most well-known, PayPal has developed a reputation for secure payments. It has grown to become the number one choice for eBay retailers and can be used across a huge number of online services. It is almost considered strange to not have PayPal as an online payment gateway in Australia. It has recently begun expanding its reach into the physical world, with a streamlined smartphone app allowing users to order ahead at their favourite restaurants. This technology will continue to grow and improve, and will soon be used to skip the queues at virtually any store you can imagine.


zipMoney is an online line of credit that integrates seamlessly with eCommerce merchants. It enables users to “buy now, pay later” and works in a similar way to a credit card. Its key difference however, is that it is much easier to apply for and the approval (or not) happens within minutes. Compared to the traditional credit card approval system, it enables buyers to close a transaction without having to undertake a lengthy application process, and for merchants it prevents the change of mind that can occur when a customer has to wait. Since its inception, zipMoney has partnered with more than 150 online retailers and the number continues to grow every day. It has been reported that on average, merchants have seen a 50% increase in order value and a 20% increase in gross sales.


BrainTree is an effective way to guard against fraud. It enables businesses to accept more forms of payment, without taking on the inherent risks of opening up their server to multiple services. It works as an aggregator, accepting payments via any service, including PayPal, Bitcoin, Apple Pay and Android Pay, with just one interaction. This makes it simple to track where a certain transaction has originated from and ensure its veracity. BrainTree analyses customer behaviour and assess transactions for anomalies and possibilities of fraud.

Designed to give your Customers Peace-of-mind

Choosing the right payment system can go a long way to convincing visitors to purchase from your site. Not everyone is comfortable with supplying their credit card details to individual site, while other people don’t like the idea of having just one service that has all their information. It is therefore important to give your customers a wide range of options to choose from to aid conversion and build a trusting relationship.

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