3 Things To Consider When Purchasing A Screen Printing Press

3 Things To Consider When Purchasing A Screen Printing Press

When starting a screen printing business, the first thing you need to do is have the right kind of screen printing press. You need to consider the following 3 important things before finalizing on the screen printing press that you will purchase.

3 Things To Consider When Purchasing A Screen Printing Press

  • Automatic screening printing press or Manual screen printing press?

Your requirement will help you decide which one you need to purchase. If you are planning to begin a small scale business where you will be printing for your own brand then a manual screen printing press should meet your requirements easily.

A good market research should help in being able to select a good machine that should run well for a long time meeting the requirements of the business. The reputed brands that have been around for years and which incorporate the latest technological updating should offer the right choices and be complimentary to any expansions you plan. The high quality machine is a good investment that helps in the growth of the business. Upgrading to an automatic machine can be done at the appropriate time.

If you are really planning big and also want to employ people for printing then you must consider going in for the Automatic screen printing press. The skill of the printer is very essential for the quality output. The automatic printing machine can be operated by even someone who is not an expert in screen printing process. This factor should help you in coming to decision.

  • The free standing screen printing Press or the table top type?

The main criteria for the selection is the space available. If you are short of space and working in a spare room then the table top machine should be good enough. However, the paucity of space shouldn’t really be a constraint as there are a number of choices available in table top models which incorporate more or less all the features of the free standing type of screen printing press.

If your requirements are like just making T shirts or printing a small quantity of posters. The table top model should serve the purpose well. It is best suited for small quantity printing like T-shirts for sports teams or T-shirts for the employees of small firms. It is lightweight and sturdy too.

The base of a table top machine can be screwed easily onto any table enabling you to carry it anywhere and fix it at your convenient place, be it your attic, garage, kitchen or bedroom and can print in multiple colours too.

If you have a separate room for printing then you could go or the free standing screen printing model. These are built to last longer periods like a decade or so and give continuous output for 8 hours or slightly more in a day. It is very important to choose a well reputed brand offering maximum choice and good after sales service. The machine chosen should be efficient and be a joy to work on and fetch good profits.

It is perfectly okay to begin small with a one color press and expand bigger as the business grows. Invest in a good quality machine that will serve you for a long time.

You must choose the number of print heads based on the number of colors you are planning to print. An extra print head needs to be included for a white under base required while on black or dark surfaces. Every print head can hold only one screen that profiles the stencil of one color at one time.
It is common for printers to choose 4 and 8 color screen printing press which facilitates versatile printing and also multiple jobs at a time which could come very handy to meet the multiple demands. To get your screen printing done, get in touch with us today!

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