3 Tips to Fix an iPad that Refuses to Charge or Charges Like a Snail

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Imagine this,

You work in a virtual assistant agency, and run several errands for clients like data entry, booking tables, doing a project and what not! In your busy day to day schedule, your iPad and iPhone is your best friend. You do most of your daily task with the help of your devices and now one fine day your iPad refuses to charge.

You might feel overwhelmed, anxious and have a hundred thoughts circulating your mind. The cost of a new iPad might drain your pocket, and without one, you cannot accomplish your daily tasks. So, what to do? Well, the best solution, in this case, is to get in touch with your Apple store or contacting an iPad parts distributor!

Why? Because a charging fault does not necessarily mean you need to throw the device away. It can be that the battery or the hardware needs a change to function optimally.

However, before going through all that at times several DIY tips might aid you when your iPad is misbehaving. This is why today’s blog will elucidate 3 tips to fix an iPad that isn’t charging or charging slow.

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  1. Charge Only via the iPad Adapter

Have you been using your iPhone charger to power your iPad? Well, while most people in a hurry tend to do this occasionally, it is not feasible.


The reason is the iPad adapter is much more powerful than the iPhone adapter. The latter is only 5W and hence, takes a lot of time to charge an iPad. On the other hand, an iPad adapter usually showcases markings like “10w,” “12w,” or “24w, which is more potent than an iPhone charger. What’s more? If you are using an iPad Pro it’ll take a lot of time to charge via an iPhone adapter.

Thus, this can be a plausible reason your iPad is charging like a snail. However, in case you are using an iPad adapter and your device charges like a snail chance are your battery or adapter is getting old.

In such a case, contact your Apple operator and either replace the device or simply invest in an iPad distributor to buy a new adapter/battery.

  1. Avoid Charging the iPad with a Computer

What many people tend to do is charge their iPhone or iPad with the help of a computer. However, if the computer in question is relatively old then your iPad won’t charge even if the iPhone does.

The iPad as mentioned requires more power to charge than the iPhone, and an older computer does not have the power required to fuel an iPad.

So, opt for charging the iPad with its respective adapter at all times.

  1. Look Out for a Faulty Adapter

Often a faulty cable or adapter can be the perpetrator that is preventing your iPad from charging. So, check the adapter by connecting the cable to the computer. In case it is charging the fault is in the electrical outlet and not the cable.

However, in case it isn’t the cable can be the problem. So, either uses a spare adapter or buy a new cable to fix the issue.

On this note, try out these following tips and in case of any fault, ensure to invest in iPad and iPhone repair parts wholesale to elongate the battery life of your device.

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