3 Ways To Relax Without Trashing Your Budget

A hectic and stressful day-to-day is not the yellow brick road to a happy, wholesome, and fulfilling life. Though we all know the stakes are high, the competition fierce, and the disappointment inevitable, we need to balance this reality with that of peace, serenity and mindfulness. This will not only benefit our physical and mental health, it will do wonders for our level of happiness and in the end, our productivity.

Relaxing is something that truly has to be learned these days. Though you might consider scrolling through Instagram or your Facebook newsfeed enjoyable, your mind is not fully relaxed nor is it fully conscious of what it is doing. You are probably unknowingly comparing your life to those you see on social media, taking notes on fashion tips, or reevaluating your travel plans based on that photo you saw from a different tropical paradise.

Additionally, some of us are so far gone that the idea of relaxing makes us feel guilty. In our minds we are trained that we should always be busy, because if we aren’t, we are clearly doing something wrong. Add the idea of spending money while relaxing, and you might as well be flying to the moon. That’s why when we do choose to live the “slow life”, we need to do it in a way that doesn’t add more anxiety to our already taxing lives.

For all of us struggling to relax, here are 3 ways to do so without emptying your wallet.

  1. Enjoy a Day at the Spa

Yes, we know, it sounds clique, but there’s really nothing better for the body and soul than an afternoon at the spa. From the moment you walk through the door to when you exit, you will be enveloped by a sense of serenity that only a morning on a mountain peak could rival. Though it can become an expensive endeavor quickly, look for opportunities to relax and save money with relevant spa package deals and promotions. These can give you the experience you are looking for at a fraction of the cost. Give it a try!

  1. Engage in Physical Activity

Many of us think that getting our sweat on isn’t exactly…calming, but you might be surprised to find that it is. Though maybe a game of rugby won’t yield the same results as a ballet lesson, generally engaging in physical activity yields positive effects on our mind, and makes our bodies tired in a good way. It will help you sleep well, your body digest efficiently, and keep your focus spot on. You’ll get the best results from mindful and meditative activities like yoga, Pilates, or tai chi. If you can’t fit a series of classes into the budget, turn on a good YouTube video and get started! Even a run in the park doesn’t require anything more than will and a pair of running shoes.

  1. Read

Unglue yourself from your screen and sit down on the couch with a good, old-fashioned book. Turn on some Starbucks-esque tunes, light a candle and immerse yourself in some quality literature. This might be the favorite option for those who have a hard time just letting go and doing something “useless.” Being well-read is always a desirable and recognized trait, so see it as a pleasurable way of investing in your own marketability or learning something new about a topic you are interested in.

As you see, it doesn’t have to cost a lot, (or even anything at all) to truly relax. Learn to embrace the “slow life” and you’ll start seeing benefits in all facets of your life: from work satisfaction, to valuable relationships, and finally, good physical health.

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