4 DIY Ideas for Your Kid’s Backyard Playtime

The backyard is your kiddo’s safe haven and playtime area, especially in the summertime. Ensure they have oh-so much fun this summer with DIY ideas that make your backyard even better for your youngsters.

4 DIY Ideas for Your Kid’s Backyard PlaytimeKiddie Pool + Sand = Instant Sandbox

While sandboxes make cute and pleasant additions to your kiddo’s backyard playtime, the classics can be expensive. But you can make your own with a kiddie pool and a few bags of play sand [in whatever colors your youngster loves]. Throw in some sand toys, like buckets, pails, shovels, and sifters, and you have a DIY sandbox that your kiddo will absolutely love. To cover, use a tarp and tuck in under the pool perimeter for a tight seal that keeps sand fresh and clean.

Kiddie Pool + Plastic Balls = Awesome Ball Pit

When you were a kid, you probably played in fast food restaurant ball pits. Which was super-fun, but those are few and far between these days. You can make a safer, portable version with a kiddie pool and colorful, plastic balls. A single, typical kiddie pool will hold 200-300 balls. Kids can jump right in and play for hours. To cover, use the tarp idea. Or, bring the ball pit indoors. Or, seal the plastic balls in their own zippered bag for the night.

Large Tarp + Finger Paints + Swimsuits = Messy, Colorful Fun

Kiddos are naturally crafty, creative, and messy. Give them an outlet for all of these attributes, but make sure they wear disposable clothes or a swimsuit before you let them go. Put a large tarp down in your backyard, then buy a bunch of non-toxic “finger” paints in industrial-sized buckets. Let your kids create the day’s artwork by slipping and sliding over the tarp for as long as they want.

Tire Swings Never Go Out of Style

You’ve seen, or maybe even owned, a tire swing hanging from a big tree in a backyard. This is a great idea since it never goes out of style. And it takes mere minutes to snag a good-sized tire and send it swingin’ from a tree branch with a thick piece of well-tied rope. Voila—hours of fun for your youngsters. And you can watch after your youngsters by installing mastercam software into your home camera security systems.

The aforementioned suggestions are DIY must-haves for a typical backyard that your kids will want to spend hours playing in. But remember, you can always add onto these ideas by allowing them to inspire your DIY muse.

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