4 Foods That Are Worse To Digest

Is your stomach paining! What was food item you ate earlier? Is it going to be a matter, can the food can cause any trouble? Yes is the answer. Our stomach naturally has the capacity to break down the food and supply nutrients to the body. By birth, we get a good digestive system, which can digest the portions properly and keep you fit, but due to certain reasons, the digestive system can be affected. The reasons for this kind of troubles may be are smoking, not having the food on schedule, Gastric problem and thyroid. There will some other reasons also possibly affect your digestive, sometimes it’s our food habits. Some foods are hard to break down by the digestive system and it takes time to get out of our stomach.

Unhealthy & Processed Meat

Most of the people are meat lovers; they try to taste the meat at least once in a day. There are different types meats can be eaten by us. When to go buy the meat, make sure that we purchase a fresh meat packs. The old and not fresh meat can cause big damage to our health and stomach. Some shoppers sells the old meat by discount offers, these shop owners remove the bad smell by adding some chemicals to meat, there is a huge chance of growing bacteria on these old meats. Sending that meat into your belly can cause a serious trouble.

4 Foods That Are Worse To Digest

Soda Items

The hotels and restaurant chefs use this food, chemical to make the order item look more smooth and crispy touch to the food item. However, adding this soda can build the gas inside your stomach, which can make you feel sleepy and dizzy. The soda can become dangerous when it is excess in your food, the stomach becomes filled up with gas you feel not ok to breathe normally. These soda items while breaking down in the stomach can create bad smells inside your stomach.

High Fiber

Our digestive system is unable or slow in breaking down the high fiber containing food items like Garlic, Onions that consists of one kind of high fiber called Fructan which can cause flatulence. It creates some trouble in your stomach as they contain high levels of friction. If the levels of friction are excessive in the food we take, the next few hours your stomach will perform crazy things.

Fried Food

Fried food tastes good to our tongue, but it is quite not good for our stomach. These fried items contain oil parts, which are not co-operative partners in the digestive process. The steam cooked or well cooked food can supportively participate in the digestive process, that is the reason it is preferable to use well cooked or steam cooked food. These fired items are carriers of high cholesterol, which can affect the acid in our stomach and result in acid reflux and Burning Feeling in our stomach.

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