4 Mental Health Disorders you Probably Never Heard About

What are mental disorders?

Mental disorders are conditions that affect your feeling, behavior, thinking, and mood. They may happen once in a while or may be long-lasting. They have the tendency to affect the ability in you to relate with people and also how you function each day.

Mental disorders are common all through around the world, however, in this post I will be talking about the not-so-common mental disorders.

Mental disorders are mostly being caused by a number of so many factors, however there is no single cause for mental illness. Some factors that might contribute are:

  • Genes and family history
  • Always feeling lonely due to having very few friends or being mostly isolated
  • Biological factors
  • Life experiences such as abuse or stress
  • Use of drugs and similar substances

Autism test – Mental disorders are really common and therefore should not be seen as something new. What might be new to you are the types of mental disorders listed here? More than half of Americans will be diagnosed with a mental illness at some point in their lives.

 Here is a list of 5 mental illness you probably don’t know about:

  1. Schizophrenia – this is a very serious disorder that affects the brain. The disorder has an effect in the most human aspect of life (perception of objects, communication, thought etc.). According to reports, this disorder affects about 20 million people worldwide. Its most common symptoms are: hearing voices, social withdrawal, hallucination, incoherent speech etc.
  1. Dementia – this is a chronic disorder. It is a disruption of consciousness, as well as changes in cognitive health such as memory loss. Dementia has affected over 50 million people across the globe. Dementia is caused by a variety of diseases that affect the brain and there is no cure available for now. But there are treatments that can help to suppress it. Dementia affects the memory, thinking, and orientation.
  1. Depression – depression is a mental illness that causes people to experience low mood, feelings of guilt, loss of interest, and low energy. Some symptoms of depression include: tiredness and loss of energy, anxiousness, lack of concentration, being too moody, aches and pains, self-harm etc.

Depression is a very complex condition and its causes is yet to be found because there are various factors that can contribute. They include psychological factors and biological factors. Depression vary depending on the person – it may be severe or mild.

  1. Autism Spectrum Disorder – this is a complex mental disorder that can cause problems with communication, thinking and behavior in humans. People with autism have difficulty in understanding human communication. Undergoing an autism test is a wise decision because it can be left unknown.

Some of the symptoms of autism may include social communication challenges, repetitive behaviors, expressing emotions, staring at lights, repetitive motions, etc. This is why it advised taking an autism test early so to know your status because most adults don’t know they have autism.

Above are 4 mental disorders that occur in human and most people are not even aware of their existence. Hope you check yourself to make sure you are not affected by any.

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