4 Mistakes In Business Website Developments

Unfortunately, there are many things that web developers don’t do properly when the work with business websites. Here are some of them:

4 Mistakes In Business Website Developments

  1. It is difficult for visitors to get in touch: At minimum, we should include our phone number and email address in easily visible places. Our email address should be configured as a link, so the email client software will open when people click on it. For visitor’s convenience, we should repeat this practice in all pages, preferably placed in the footer, to avoid intruding other parts of the website. If we are expecting to get physical mail, it is a good idea to put our physical address on the website. If possible, we could also provide driving directions. Some cities have good public transportation, so we could provide a recommendation on train, subway and bus routes.
  2. We don’t establish our credentials: Whether we are a thousand-person firm or a sole practitioner, it is important for us to establish our credentials to support the products and services we are offering. These details could be appropriate to our business, such as licenses, certifications, degrees, years of practice and other details. No matter how humble we are, we should be able to speak openly about our qualifications. This mistake could be particularly troublesome for professionals who depend on trust to make sure that their business operations perform smoothly.
  3. We don’t provide testimonials and endorsements: Some companies that are just starting out would require some amount of endorsement to make sure that they are trusted by consumers. In this case, testimonials and endorsements are gold. We may include full name, quote, title, name of the company and comments. The testimonials and endorsements should be placed on our home page, because this will help others to nurture trust for us. Testimonials can be allocated to dedicated pages, but there should be at least two brief testimonials on the main page and visitors can go to the testimonial page if the need more information. Clearly, this would require our business to provide satisfactory results to clients so we should be quite eager to look for positive testimonials after we work with a client.
  4. It is harder for visitors to perform specific tasks: Regardless of what they do, visitors should find it easy to perform different tasks. For example, we may want to ask visitors to do fill a form, but it won’t be helpful if the form is difficult to manage. This is particularly important if we want visitors to become our member, by providing them with username, password and special privileges. Registration forms should be error-proof and simple to manage. In this case, we should keep the required number of steps to the absolute minimum.

By avoiding these mistakes, we should be able to give our visitors a reason to come back. Error-free websites will be more memorable, especially if they are filled with many useful contents.

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