4 Most Common Problems That BMW E36 Vehicles Face

4 Most Common Problems That BMW E36 Vehicles Face

The sedans, coupes, and convertibles are BMW’s third generation 3 Series vehicles that are most commonly known as E36 models. The manufacturing of this series started fro 1991 and continued till 1999. The model numbers that were manufactured in this series were 319,316,325,323,328 and M3. Most of the BMW enthusiasts have been very much impressed with the performance and reliability of the vehicle. But, like every other car, which has been running on the road since decades, this series also has some faults.  There are four most common problems that BMW E36 series face if you own a model of this series and have been experiencing any of the below-stated problems, it is recommended that you take your vehicle to a professional mechanic who is experienced enough to tackle such problems and fix the issue.

4 Most Common Problems That BMW E36 Vehicles Face

  • E36 face Rough Idle Issues

Two most common reasons for rough idling in E36. The first one can be fixed very easily. The major thing that causes this problem is a dirty idle valve. It can be fixed just by cleaning. This issue does not demand the idle valve to be replaced. The second issue is most commonly found in the vehicles manufactured after 1994. Heavy rain was the reason for the trouble as it floods the DME compartment of the vehicles.

  • Foul odor of Burning Oil in E36

If you notice your BMW throwing out excessive blue smoke into the atmosphere while driving or feel a foul smell of burning engine oil, it is the time you will have to take an appointment with a BMW car mechanic as soon as possible. The Cam cover gasket is responsible for the oil leakage that flows down the cylinder head. The over head cam engines are the ones that are responsible for the oil leak that then drip into the spark plug. Many people don’t find oil leak as a serious issue, but, it can cause severe damage to the engine. If the problem is not resolved quickly, it can even seize the engine.

  • Water Pump Failure

The water pumps of the BMW E36 models uses an impeller that is made of plastic, and this part is very well known to damage and fail before time. Failure in the water pumps will restrict the flow of coolant through the engine thereby resulting in excessive overheating of the engine. This can get even more serious if the head gasket gets blown.

  • Radiator Leaks

Most of the plastic parts of the E36 models are prone to cracks and wearing out with time as they are exposed to high temperatures. The plastic parts that are prone to leaks most commonly include plastic thermostat housing and radiator pipe. Any crack in the radiator can cause the coolant to leak, which in turn will cause overheating.

There is no doubt that BMW’s are well-renowned cars, but the owners of some older models can face some issues. It is recommended that you visit a BMW specialist and let him know the issues so that he can fix them.

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