4 Unconventional Team Building Exercises That Work

Team building is an exercise that can often go wrong, especially if it ends in a stuffy hotel conference room with boring food. Why not take your team out for some fun, simple yet out-of-the-box team building exercises that people genuinely enjoy? There are plenty of activities that can get the team to work together and where each member feels a part of the team. A team that figures out how well it works together is one that can pull through any crisis at work!

Unconventional Team Building Exercises

Cooking Classes

If you want the team to practice communicating with one another, there is nothing better than to get them to depend on each other. A cooking class is a great idea for the group. The members can be given a complicated dish or menu to prepare. Many people working together on a single menu item means that every person has to contribute to the activity while communicating well with the team as a whole. People will have to ask questions and explain what choices they are making. Each member has to do her or his part to complete the task. And at the end of the exercise, the team will have something to show for it, which they can all share together.

Day At a Beauty Salon

Pick a day and take your team to a beauty salon. it doesn’t even have to be for a whole day, you can always surprise them and cut the work day short. Everybody will be more than happy to leave the office early and spend the rest of the working hours being pampered.

It might sound strange, but the full body treatment, wetter that includes just massage and mineral clay mask or even waxing, spray tanning, mani and pedi, could prove out to be one of the best team buildings you organised. Ladies in the company will certainly appreciate the gesture!

Murder Mystery or Scavenger Hunt Train Ride

Another unusual team building exercise can be on a train ride involving a scavenger hunt or a murder mystery. The team spends a day on a train with a restaurant on board. During the journey, actors put on a show in the murder mystery train, and the members of the team are given a mystery to solve. They must listen to the story carefully, take notes, find clues and solve the mystery before the end of the journey. A train ride involving a scavenger hunt at the end of it can also be an unusual and fun exercise.

Such exercises have the team working together on a problem. Each member has something to contribute because they all start with the same knowledge of the clues. At the end of the exercise, there are some great memories that the team carries with it.


Geocaching is a worldwide outdoor activity in which the participants use GPS devices to hunt up clues and discover prizes. Every cache contains a logbook along with a small object. Whoever finds the cache enters her or his name into the logbook. The finder then takes the item and replaces it with an item of their own. So, as new people find the cache, the item inside gets continually replaced with new items.

This is a fun activity for a corporate team that gets them out of the office. All of the team members can get involved with solving the problem of the cache location. A team building geocaching exercise will get the entire team involved in following directions to a particular cache. Each member of the team should have a role to play. There should be a navigator, a driver, a person that finds out directions when the team is lost. The day can be spent in searching for a number of caches. Whether you find a single cache or many, the sense of accomplishment at the end of the exercise is what matters.

At the end of it all, the idea behind team building exercises is to get the team to create memories. If the activity you take the team on is fun, involved and gets everyone working together, you’re taking the right direction in growing a strong team for your company.

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