4 Ways Ways To Transform Old Business Website

Our website could be developed in early 2000’s and it has become woefully outdated. Here are things we should consider when planning to upgrade our old website:

4 Ways Ways To Transform Old Business Website

  1. Remove Flash animations: When it comes to Flash animations, the mobile web should be considered a hostile environment. Apple will never support Flash animation and if our website still relies for navigation or other important functions, then we could risk having the website incapable of running on iOS devices. Android provides support for Flash, but the performance is often considered as less than ideal. We should get rid of Flash animations right now if we have in the introduction page and navigation framework. If not, it is possible for our website plagued with issues. Preferably, we should choose more lightweight and better options, such as JavaScript and HTML5 that can produce the same effects.
  2. Migrate to CMS-based systems: When transforming our website, we should consider adding high calibre and unique content to our website. This is a crucial element for today’s marketing effort and it should be integral in allowing us to conquer different business growth objectives. CMS allows us to effectively and efficiently manage content. Many business websites are still based on static webpages that are very difficult to modify. With CMS, administraotors can manage blog posts, press releases, event information and other company related news. A robust and solid CMS can make intuitive and easy for any user to publish engaging and sophisticated content that may include videos, photos and related graphics. This should allow us to maintain an overall cohesive look and feel with our website as a whole.
  3. Allow users to receive updates by subscribing: Modern websites are about direct interaction with consumers. In this case, we should make sure that users get receive updates without visiting our website. It may take more effort to entice people to subscribe, but there should be a great payoff. In this case, users can be directly connected with our system and they will be more convinced to return. We should remember that the task of visiting our website can be quite effortful for busy professionals. In this case, we should provide with new updates through email. We may also provide them with RSS feeds, although not many people use this functionality anymore.
  4. Remove hidden black-hat SEO techniques: Our websites could have been handled by “SEO expert” who has rather dubious online marketing techniques. They may advertently or inadvertently put some dangerous blackhat methods that could put our website’s search engine performance in serious jeopardy. There are many types of blackhat tricks, such as using invisible or stuffed texts. This old method no longer works and it is intended to improve search results by inundating the website with specific phrases or terms. However, major search engines are now able to detect these inappropriate technique and our website could get penalized immediately.

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