4 Ways You Can Engage with Your Customers

As a sole proprietor, you already know that customers are the bread and butter for your business. That’s why it’s vital that you engage with them.

It’s important to learn how to use technology to engage with your customers rather than just sending them sales pitches. Below we cover some of the top ways that you can engage with your customers easily online.

Social Media

Social media can help both large and small-scale businesses expand their online presence. Using platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. is ideal. It is easy to set up profiles on these platforms which you can then use to interact with your customers.

Take Lenovo for example. They keep track of current trends. That way they know which colour preferences their customers value the most.

Social media platforms also enable communication. You can use it to promote your products and listen to customer feedback. So make sure you respond to those comments!


Simply put, a website is your online storefront, where customers can get to know you and the services you offer. Websites are usually maintained by a person or an organisation. If you don’t have experience creating websites, you can also hire a web designer to create a top notch site for your business or use one of the free website hosting platforms such as WordPress or Wix. Then, you can decide whether you would like to purchase a custom domain or keep the free one offered by these platforms.

For a business, the website is the first place that both new and existing customers will seek out information. This is especially true if they are interested in new products so it’s your chance to captivate visitors’ imagination with amazing product photography in Manchester and snappy, impactful text accompanying it.

It is a good idea to add an interactive component to this website such as a Contact Us form. This will foster communication between your company and your customers. Maintaining a blog can also help with this. Then, your customers can check on the blog when they are looking for company updates.


Your customers’ reviews are important. They act as a source of information for tracking the performance of goods or services.

They also provided data on where your business could potentially improve. It is important to continue to adapt your business to your customers’ needs. This will keep them engaged and satisfied.

Tools like Google Alerts can be particularly helpful with this. They can help you keep track of customer feedback that is shared on social media.

Customer Feedback

Finally, maintaining relationships with customers after they have purchased from you is important as well. Staying in communication with your customers builds loyalty. Plus it opens a window to ask for feedback.

When you’re on good terms with your customers, it is easy to ask them for their feedback. Using this feedback you can then tailor your business and continue to drive growth.

Who knows, by keeping an open communication line with your customers, you may even gain repeat business with them.

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