5 Apps That Will Help You Clean Your House

5 Apps That Will Help You Clean Your House

Washing the dishes, wiping the floor, dusting, cleaning the fridge …the list goes on. We all need a little organizational help occasionally or maybe all the time. It seems like that the cleaning chores never end. You can get so overwhelmed by the mess that you don’t know where to start.

Take control of the household catastrophe by adding some modern technology into your cleaning routine. Instead of putting it on a paper that can easily get lost, use the smart apps to help you deal with the household work.

The Extensive App

You can handle the one time extensive cleaning, especially when you can’t stand the disorganization and dirt anymore. How about turning home maintenance into a habit? Here is where the tough part comes. Luckily there is a tool that will keep track of the day – to – day domestic tasks instead of you. Today(free) is an app that provides a practical way to schedule your regular chores. Your duties are grouped depending on the area you want to clean. You can select standard activities like mopping or vacuuming or create custom ones. Name your task and choose how often it should be performed. Although the app doesn’t have the most groundbreaking design, it is simple and user – friendly.

5 Apps That Will Help You Clean Your House

The Motivational App

You have so much to do that you prefer to reach for the glass of wine? The more work you have the less motivated you feel. Don’t worry? With this app on your side, you can finish with the home cleaning in no time. Unfilth Your Habitat ($0.99) will play the role of a disappointed friend, who constantly reminds you of your laziness and messiness. The app challenges you to do a task for each area at home and motivates you by using strong worded pop –up message.

The Social App

Unless you are not living alone, you probably share the cleaning and maintenance responsibilities with someone else. Chroma($2 per month,20 per year) is ideal for managing and assigning different tasks to the house members. You can easily edit the status of tasks or add new duties. This is also one of the reasons why you will have no difficulties to cheat. However, it is useful for synchronizing your schedule with the rest of the household member.

The Daily App

You will find that cleaning is not that tough when it’s done frequently. With HomeRoutines (free) you can create your own every day checklist with regular tasks. The app has interactive interface. The duties are divided depending on the various house “zones.” You can enter tasks, reminders and quotes. The app is customizable and can fit any type of lifestyle.

The Fun App

Domestic cleaning should not necessarily be something boring and the next app proves it. EpicWin($3)can make even the dullest task entertaining. You are into quests, stories, games, comics, maps, adventures and epic music? Then you are going to love the design of this app. You can pick an avatar – anything from dwarf or warrior princess to a skeleton. Suddenly your home cleaning becomes an exciting quest. By completing each chore the you increase the qualities of your avatar (strength, spirit, stamina, intellect etc.) Read more at: http://croydoncarpetcleaners.org.uk/

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