5 Common Mistakes To Avoid During Wireless Security Cameras’ Installation

5 Common Mistakes To Avoid During Wireless Security Cameras’ Installation

Nowadays, we come across various security cameras that are not only affordable but offer multiple features as well. These surveillance cameras also support wireless connectivity options for advanced utility. These wireless security cameras can act as a perfect solution for monitoring outdoor surroundings. However, when it comes to install the outdoor wireless security camera, people commit several mistakes. Let’s take a look at the 5 most common mistakes to be avoided while installing wireless security cameras for absolute protection:

1.Installing few Cameras

This is one of the biggest mistakes made by people during the installation of security cameras. In order to install outdoor cameras with wireless connectivity, you need to be equipped with multiple cameras to cover all the locations.  In some of the cases, you may have point tilt or zoom cameras, but they have tendency to offer limited surveillance. Hence, it is advisable to cover the entire outdoor area by wireless security cameras.

2.Selecting the Wrong Position

Proper positioning is an important factor to focus on in the installation process of every surveillance camera. It is essential to note that camera is not pointing towards the ground and it should be free of all types of obstructions. Ignorance of these two factors can eliminate the entire purpose of installing a security camera.  Besides, it is crucial to install the cameras at a position that is secured, hard to be noticed and supported by proper connectivity through a wireless network.

3.Forgetting the Password or Setting a Poor One

When you install the outdoor wireless security camera, it is essential to set a strong password and remember it always. Most of the times, people install wireless security and they set a random password which is easy to guess or hacked. In other cases, people set a strong password for their wireless security camera, but, they forget it.  In this installation process, it is highly recommended to create a strong password you must remember it. This quick tip will keep the security of your outdoor surroundings intact.

4.Lack of Remote Access

If there is no remote access to the camera during its installation, it can prove to be another biggest mistake. A wireless camera is always connected to the network and it should give you the freedom to access the LIVE Feed from any part of the world. If a wireless camera security system does not allow you to have remote access, it is not a wise idea to use it. Therefore, it is pivotal to enable remote access system during the installation process of outdoor security camera.

5.The System is not Totally Wireless

An outdoor security camera needs to be entirely wireless including its power source and storage solution. Many wireless cameras are backed up by the features such as memory card and rechargeable battery. While purchasing Wifi cameras, one should check these factors out initially.


Apart from these factors, a technical know-how about the installation is also an add on for the users. Prior to starting the installation process, you should read the user manual entirely for best results. This guide will provide basic knowledge further making the installation of outdoor security camera simple.

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