5 Effective Tips To Improve Your Essay Grade

Improve Essay Grade

When you want to improve your essay grades, you need to improve essay writing skills. You might have some great ideas to write about but they are great only when you can use them in an articulate and elegant way to acquire higher grades. Here are some useful tips which will surely be helpful for you to achieve your target.

5 Effective Tips To Improve Your Essay Grade

1: Avoid Repeating Important Points 

Some writers think that they are emphasizing important points by repeating them on a number of times within the essay, however, this strategy does not work in written pattern as you can only use it effectively in speeches. When you repeat similar points, it makes your essay a boring stuff. Rather than making repetition, you better create an effective and careful essay plan in which you can place special focus on core points of your essay to use them effectively rather than repeatedly. In this way, even simple points can be turned into strong ones.

2: Prefer Using Present Tense

Many students prefer to write in past tense because it seems easier but they don’t know that this makes their essay unprofessional and boring. Therefore, one should always prefer to use present tenses than the past. In addition to this, one should also depend upon “Active Voice” as it makes piece of writing look fresh and full of energy. Sometimes, writing in present may seem quite strange but when you begin doing it, you will realize that it is actually an integral part of academic writing.

3: Avoid Adding Clichés & Idioms

Most of the students find it more interesting to include clichés & idioms in their essays even when there is no need to do so. When you unnecessarily try to squeeze idioms in your essay, it creates an unnatural look and feel. Similarly, there are certain types of writing styles that may require you to give a creative comparison, however, it is always good to avoid metaphors and similes excessively. The best way to make your article an interesting-read is to make important points clear and concise rather than racing for required word count.

4: Focus to Find Stronger Points

If you try to create a masterpiece of writing in your very first attempt, it may not be possible for you because all the pressure will suddenly come upon you making you reach at a writer’s block. Therefore, when you are creating first draft, make sure to include all ideas that are in your mind or you find during research and when all come together, take some rest before converting it into second draft. Don’t worry about grammar and other typing errors; instead focus on finding stronger points for your essay.

5: Go For Proofreading

When you are done writing and ready to forward your essay, you better not be too quick because in this way, you may miss out a number of minor errors which usually occur while writing. Here at this stage, you need to go for proofreading which will enable you to detect grammar and typing errors. You better also run spell checker in your computer to be sure there are no spelling errors in your content.

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