5 Fashion Trends To Follow Right Now

5 Fashion Trends To Follow Right Now

It is a perfect time to reorganize our wardrobes and see what we have – and don’t have for this season. We should all take a few hours and try on all fall sweaters, pants, blouses and dresses, and make sure there are no stains, holes, etc. After that, many of us will want to add a few new items. But what items can be added to our closets to make our outfits look more fashionable? We rounded up some options for you today.


One of the hottest trends this fall is to style couch floral prints. This means instead of wearing the usual floral prints with daisies or roses, the trend is to style vintage-inspired floral prints. The truth is that is not that easy to pull off this trend, but at the same time it can be achieved by anyone. The key is to style a floral print with colors that match your skin tone and choose a print size that matches your body type. Generally, smaller prints camouflage and larger ones draw attention.


This rich fabric has been a huge trend over the past few seasons. It jumped the barrier between daywear and nightwear, summer wear and Christmas wear, footwear and apparel. Velvet fabric is the one that always get invited to the fun cocktail parties, because it instantly makes any outfit uber luxurious. For more lavish look, choose pieces in opulent jewel tones.

Deep oxblood and bold red tones along with royal blues were huge hits on the runways, so why not to make some beautiful fall outfits? Don’t be afraid to mix and match textures and fabrics. Doing so create depth and contrast to your combo. Velvet can look fascinating with chiffon, denim, lace or satin. When you incorporate a lighter material with velvet, that is when this material really becomes super chic. For a subtle look, wear it with as an accent to your outfit. For instance, velvet boots can give your outfit that fall vibes and make you look outstanding.


A trench coat is one of the pieces that most of us have in our closets. And it is definitely a piece that can be worn for years without going out of style. However, wearing it can get boring, that’s why you should update your closet with new pieces and wear your trench in different ways.

The key to master your look look, while wearing this type of coat is by choosing some stylish layers of clothes beneath it. For a casual look, wear slouchy jeans and sneakers and cinch your coat around your waist. You can wear your trench to the office too. Layer a button down shirt underneath a fancy cardigan and complete your look with tailored trousers, pointy-toed pumps and a tan trench coat.


This season is filled with varying shades of red seen in suiting, outerwear, evening gowns, knits and accessories. With hues like burgundy, crimson, scarlet, vermilion, and ruby, the color is a standout of the season. red is ideal for fall, so, hurry up and update your wardrobe with some powerful red pieces. You can invest in red dress that is lightweight enough to be work throughout the year.


Shearling coat are very trendy and will keep you warm this season. Thanks to fashion designers we have chance to see this sturdy jacket in different cuts and colors. You can choose one in some classic neutral shade like, beige, cream or black or go for more bold colors, or biker inspired bulky designs. Fashion bloggers are styling their cozy coats with skinny jeans and ankle boots. For more dramatic look, wear your coat with flared jeans and boots.

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