5 Habits That Cause Depression

5 Habits That Cause Depression

Depression is a serious illness, and unfortunately, increasingly common. Steals the energy of the people, and in severe cases, generates a feeling of not wanting to live anymore. It is caused by a number of things, and it is always best to seek professional help. But today we want to tell five habits that cause depression and you should avoid.


Exercise is very important to the physical, but also mental. Lack of exercise, stay home all day, can lead to depression. Overweight and laziness will always lead you astray in mental health issues: reducing physical mobility, self-esteem.

It is not only important move to prevent depression, but draw strength from wherever and play sports if we are already suffering. With exercise, the brain produces dopamine and serotonin, which make us feel better and happier: With just 40 minutes of exercise a day will be more than enough, and of course, you can take a break.

Poor Diet

Healthy eating is not only essential for the body but also for the mind. It is important to feed our brain, by consuming omega-3 fatty acids necessary for healthy tissue and our body cannot produce by itself. Therefore, it is including seafood and cold-water fish, as well as supplements.

Healthy mind in healthy body a maxim that we should not forget.

5 Habits That Cause Depression

Poor Sleep Habits and Stress

Sleep poorly or generates an ideal situation to suffer depression: seven or eight hours of sleep, with proper routine will help us to avoid this situation. Read or be on the computer late is a mistake and we can become more agitated and paranoid, bases for depression. With proper sleep, your mind is clear and we perform better.

Stress is another key factor, which can be linked with sleep or not. If we do not sleep, we do not surrender, we get stressed and sleep less. A cycle that usually ends in depression is generated.


Isolation is another habit that causes depression. Avoiding friends and family, whether for whatever reason, it leads to depression: people who have a strong social network are less depressed trends. Relationships make brain chemistry work better.

Isolated does not allow us to share our feelings and problems with people who love us and care for us: we seek human contact, and without it our mind is broken and we cannot deal with what happens to us in life.

Negative Thoughts

If there is something we must banish from our life they are negative thoughts. When our day is based on everything bad that happens to us, as bad that we ourselves or others, it is easy to fall into a depression.

Life has positive points and some negative, and there are things beyond our control. Change the way we think is a great ally to prevent depression and come out of it. We must redirect the thoughts to positive, beneficial things for us, and start paying less attention to every negative detail.

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