5 Helpful Commuting Tips For Off-Campus Students

Not everyone’s taking up Internet courses like the Portland State’s online criminal justice degree. If you’re one of the many who have to commute to school because you live off campus, then you’ll have to factor in transportation and the costs. Make sure to consider this when you’re debating whether or not to live on or off campus. Being late to class is one of the pitfalls associated with living away from the school campus. But if you’re adamant about having your own place rather than a dorm room, use the following tips to help make commuting to college more manageable.

Keep Open Communication with Your Professors

Tardiness happens – you can’t control traffic, the weather and other circumstances that can get in your way of making it to class on time, however, you can control your communications with your professors. Professors are understanding and will be more lenient when there are multiple students facing the same issue. Email your professor while in traffic to let them know your situation. This will prevent a bad impression from being made when you walk into class 20 or so minutes late.

Make Sure Everything’s in Your Bag

You don’t have the luxury of going back to your dorm to pick up a textbook or homework you forgot. Keep your book bag stocked and ready to go, so you don’t forget anything. This means having pens, pencils, paper, textbooks, work, notes and whatever other supplies needed for your courses.

Head to School Earlier

Just because you live 20 minutes from the school campus doesn’t mean you should leave out 30 minutes before class starts. You need time to weave through traffic, park the car and walk across the campus to your destination. Manage your time more wisely by heading out earlier, giving yourself a good 20-30 minutes extra to make it to your classes. You never know when there may be an accident or unexpected roadwork.

Keep Track of the Weather

Traffic is heavily dependent upon the weather. If there is rain, sleet or snow, you can expect traffic to be a bit slower. You also have to factor in the chance of an accident occurring, with someone else or even yourself. Never rush to school when there are rainy or icy conditions. This will only increase chances of disaster.

Bring Along a Book, Tablet or Game

Getting to class earlier means you’re going to have to wait a while for class to begin. This may discourage you from wanting to come to class early, so rather than sitting there, do something you enjoy. This can be reading a book, playing a handheld video game or browsing the Internet on your mobile device.

As a college student, it’s your job to get to class on time. No one is going to wake you up each day and hold your hand to class. This is a part of adulthood, so be prepared to do what you have to to travel to class in a timely manner.

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