5 Ideal Work Presents for Your Father!

Your big man is turning 40 and you have no time to waste you need to find the perfect present. Now, he is a workaholic and loves his office more than anything.

So, naturally this year you want to surprise him with a few corporate accessories that he can use each day at work. But, what to get? Well, for a father, the present cannot be too casual or too ‘bleh’.

Well, here’s a suggestion! Why not get him leather accessories for his workplace. Leather is strong, authentic and undoubtedly makes a good present for fathers. In fact, this blog features a list of leather products that are ‘daddy-approved’!

So, here goes!

5 Ideal Work Presents for Fathers 

  1. Family Albums

This might not be a corporate prerequisite, however, for the busy workaholic father, this is a sweet gesture indeed. Thus, it is best if you get your father a leather family photo album.

Moreover, you can customize this album too! All you require doing is picking a corporate gift store that provides the option of logo stamping. Now, in the album imprint your father’s company’s logo over it, and paste a few family pictures inside the album.

Now, once you’re done customization, wrap it up with a nice old school wrapper to complement the leather album’s aesthetic. Once done gift it to him and watch his face light up with joy!

  1. Watch and Leather Watch Case 

For a man who is focused on his office work, punctuality is undoubtedly his forte. Thus, for the busy organized and punctual man, a watch makes an ideal present.

You can select signature corporate watches, and get a matching leather watch case with it. This watchcase if picked within the right diameter can stock up many watches. What’s more? A watch case of thickness around 1.3-1.5mm is ideal for protecting any prized watches from mechanical damages.

  1. Leather Backpack/Briefcase

Your father is a frequent traveller who has to travel cross-country often? Then no issues! Gift him an authentic leather backpack, a briefcase or a canvas travel bag.

These are classy, strong and can help your father carry a lot of corporate necessities like his portfolio, documents, laptops, phone chargers, and more.

What’s more? The canvas travel backpacks are huge and can effectively store all your father’s apparels, toiletries, necessities etc. which is necessary for long-distance travel.

  1. Leather Journal and More! 

Just like you can imprint the company logo on a photo album, you can also gift your father a customized leather journal. This journal can have his initials, office logo and date of birth stamped on it to give it an authentic touch.

Further, you can pick an embossed leather journal, which possesses an old school rustic charm to make the gift look even authentic. Additionally, to complement this journal you can also buy your father a signature fountain pen with ink for him to write on that journal.

  1. Binder Planner 

Last but not least, another good option to pick for your father is a leather binder planner. This binder planner is ideal for stocking up basic office necessities like notepads, journals, phone covers and phones, earphones, credit cards, pens, stationery and more.

What’s more? Possessing a binder planner also helps in keeping the office desk clean and organized. The best part is one does not have to spend time searching for necessities as these are neatly organized inside this binder planner.

Well, there you have it! Now, that you’re aware of the 5 kinds of ideal corporate presents for your father, find a suitable leather gift store! Just ensure to go through a few websites to pick the best one.

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