5 Industries Reaping the Perks Of 3D Digital Printing

Did you know that among hundreds of technological advancements that emerged within the last decade, 3D printing stands at the forefront of them all? Indeed, today 3D printing can revolutionize the industrial world like no other.

Wonder why? Take a look at the facts –

  • As per the findings by International Data Corporation, by the year 2020, the 3D print market will enjoy a revenue of $35 billion.
  • In 2016 itself the market enjoyed the revenue of around $16 billion and by 2020 the 3D printing industry will see a 24% hike in revenue.

So, why do you think so many industrial sectors are choosing 3D printing online for their businesses? Well, for starters it is fast, cost-effective, creative, and helps brands test and analyze their product prototype models.

On a related note, this blog will thus talk about the 5 major sectors that reap the most benefit using 3D printing services.

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  1. Healthcare 

The healthcare industry has a lot to gain owing to 3D printing. Now, it is not yet possible for 3D printers to print out rea blood-tissue organs. But, scientists are already raking their brains out, trying to make this endeavor possible.

Nevertheless, the thing that 3D printers do offer the healthcare sectors is creating custom-made biocompatible implants for patients. Apart from these 3D printers can also develop certain drugs, which are FDA approved. For example, SPRITAM is a 3D printed drug developed by Aprecia Pharmaceuticals, used for the treatment of epilepsy.

  1. Education 

For engaging students and educators desktop 3D printing devices have become increasingly popular tools in schools and universities. These devices are used to dig into a student’s creative mind and prepare him/her to integrate lessons in professional life.

The main sections using 3D printers are engineering, biology, chemistry, and physics. Students are taught via prototype models made using 3D printers. Even in geographical sections, demographic and topographic maps are printed using 3D printers for optimal understanding of topics.

  1. Defence 

Probably the sector that benefits the most from 3D printing is the defense sector. The military uses 3D printing for developing realistic prototypes of high quality that help in the development of new weaponry. This, in turn, reduces logistic concerns and expenditure, which is highly beneficial for the military.

In fact, in 2016 itself, the US militia along with NASA used 3D printers for developing prototypes for aircraft, ground vehicles and spacecraft, which tested to be successful. Apart from this, the global defense section also created guns via 3D printing that reduced cost of production for the militia.

Today, the US military is all set to use their aircraft and ships as floating factories for developing prototypes using 3D printers.

  1. Fashion 

Let’s face it the fashion industry is the most eccentric industry of them all, and where there is the chance of renaissance, fashion finds its way. So naturally, the fashion industry was quick to seek the perks of 3D printing. Today, numerous fashion experts are using 3D printing to give life to their unconventional designs.

Now, the best part about 3D printers is that these are extracting and using various types of materials. So, fortunately, fashion designers get the chance to overcome traditional manufacturing constraints that hindered creating unique attires.

Today, numerous fashionistas are tweaking and creating unconventional shapes and designs, which are bought to life via a 3D printer. Moreover, as 3D printers are expanding their material lists, innovations are soon to crop up in the line of fashion designing in the years to come.

  1. Architecture

Last but not least, it is of no surprise that the architecture industry is out to reap the perks of 3D printing. Thanks to 3D printing designing prototypes have never been this easy. Owing to the quick development of designs, projects are materialized quicker, interior designs are intricate and accurate, and the cost of development decreases.

What’s more? There is less chance of flaws as 3D printers help create enduring and detailed models that help bring a building into life.

Well, there you go! These 5 industries are indeed enjoying the perks of 3D printing best. With more developments upcoming in 3D printing, more industries are likely to use this technological advancement to their advantage. So, if you too wish to reap the perks of this enigmatic technology, invest in 3D printing online  today.

Just make sure, to pick the best company out there that uses state-of-the-art printing machines, and equipment. Good luck!

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