5 Long-Standing Fashion Myths Well and Truly Busted

5 Long-Standing Fashion Myths Well and Truly Busted

While it’s fair to say that women’s fashion is very much governed by a rather large list of rules, there will always be those examples that make little to no sense. Some change over time while others were misguided to begin with, which is why it’s a good idea to occasionally revisit the so called ‘rules of fashion’ to see what’s valid and what’s changed.

Of course this isn’t the way most people do things and thus is exactly why there are so many decades-old rules and standards being followed today that really have no place in the modern fashion world. To go into each and every such example would be a rather painstakingly long process to say the least, but there are long-standing myths that are both more harmful and long-overdue being well and truly busted than others.

5 Long-Standing Fashion Myths Well and Truly Busted

So for those with an interest centred on the fashion rules of today than those of generations gone by, here’s a quick look at five myths that really could have done with being ousted long before now:

1 – No White After Labour Day

A rule that generally applies more to Americans than Brits, this is the rule that basically says you shouldn’t be wearing whites during anytime other the beach season. Exactly where, how and why the wearing of white clothing during the winter months became a no-no is anyone’s guess, but there’s really no disputing how it’s more a case of the garment itself determining appropriateness than its colour…in this instance at least. There are certain bright white staples that are indeed restricted to summer use only, but there’s really no time of the year that high-end white jeans and ivory-coloured coats don’t look outstanding.

2 – Your Shoes Must Match Your Bag

It’s one of the staples that seem to be followed instinctively and without any real questioning. Of course there’s nothing wrong with choosing a handbag and shoes that match, but in terms of doing so out of necessity, there really is no necessity to speak of. These days, mixing it up and making a statement with bold colour combinations is a celebrated style movement in its own right. So while it’s totally up to you how closely you pair your handbags and shoes, don’t for one second feel obliged to do so if you don’t want to.

3 – Mixing Prints is Bad

Again, there may have been a time when the idea of mixing things like paisley with polka dots would have been unthinkable to say the least, but those times are gone…and far gone at that. Over recent years, mixing up even the boldest patterns hasn’t just become acceptable, but something of a well-loved style movement celebrated by many of the industry’s most famous faces. So if you’d like to see what happens if you were to mix leopard print with stripes and a few polka dots for good measure, go for it – chances are you’ll be right in-line with current trends.

4 – Open Toe Shoes Must be Worn Barefoot

It’s perhaps the longest-standing rule of all when it comes to how not to make an impact for all the right reasons. Yep, the old favourite of socks and sandals being the mother of all no-nos is again something of a myth that’s being busted wide open this very moment. Of course it’s not as easy as just donning any old sandals and sports socks – think more about pairing a good pair of open-toe shoes with a contrasting pair of tights. It’s a look that takes some thought and can’t necessarily be pulled off by just anyone, but to say this is something you shouldn’t be doing at all…no way!

5 – Silver and Gold Should Not be Mixed

Last but not least, one of the most dated and redundant rules on colour-mixing is that of never mixing gold with silver. This is another example of a weird rule that came out of nowhere as when used strategically, any metallic colour can be used to complement any other quite beautifully. And that extends far beyond the garments themselves to accessories and embellishments – gold and silver can be the best of bedfellows so don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

Bonus Myth – Black and Navy Don’t Mix

Just as a bonus and while on the subject of colour mixing, the same also goes for black and navy blue. Yes, there’s a chance the two could blend in with each other and wind up looking the same, but worn strategically black and navy is a colour combo that’s not only very in-keeping with modern trends, it also looks plain awesome.

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