The dawn of E-book file technology has compressed what an entire brick-and-mortar library houses into a single device. It might not be surprising to most people now, who use these digital tools day in and day out at school and at work, but life has been thoroughly simplified because of this book innovation.

The debate of paperback versus PDF lives on, but we have learned to accept that while there are still fans of traditional bound copies at bookstores, e-books have invaded and were here to stay. This is no surprise, because of the numerous benefits digital books have given modern society. Here are 5 of their biggest advantages.



Every Harry Potter fan is now able to say they carry around a copy of their entire favorite series with them at all times. Before, it was laughable to imagine someone carrying around seven whole volumes, each bigger than the previous one. Now, we know what they mean, especially when they tote around their high-capacity tablets, e-book readers, and even smartphones. Instead of purchasing magazines and books, people can just log on and download you blog post, article, or essay online. These text files often do not require a lot of memory, and you can fit your entire library into one handheld device.

Search and Find

The Table of Contents might still be useful, but they are especially helpful in navigating books when the page numbers become hyperlinks! Essay papers can be a breeze because instead of reading through a whole large document, you can pick the relevant parts so you can get started on your paper writing easily and properly. Your work becomes tighter and better backed-up with all this good information you find quickly and easily. You can easily verify facts using this feature in a matter of seconds.

Sharing Ability

Books are something that are always lent. Because of this, they’re also an item often lost.

It is especially helpful when you are trying to write something. The numerous freelance writers who create their essay online at EssayPaper.help are likely to agree with this sentiment. Imagine if their client required them to purchase their own copies of the source material – they wouldn’t be able to do business and deliver. Sharing documents and e-books is a landmark feature of sharing today. Imagine whole libraries of knowledge available at the click of a button, and being able to tell your friends all about something, and linking them to your proof. Being credible and knowledgeable is available for everyone.

Size and Volume

Students before the age of digital books would remember pulling out books from the library shelves, and sprawling them on a large desk, hoping they all fit and that the students finish their essay papers on time. The amount of time to retrieve and return these books is a large enough time already. With digital books, it’s a bonanza of books at your fingertips! You can purchase and download what you like, and as many as you like. As stated in the first item, they don’t take up too much space on your devices, so avid book readers have a lot to be happy about.


Trees are an important resource, and paper is one thing that is always taken advantage of. A number of trees and water put into each sheet of paper can come as quite shocking to many people. Imagine what an entire library of books is made of! This is not to put down traditional books but is just meant to compare the environmental efficiency of the two options. Clearly, digital books, supported by modern society’s move to computerization, has won out in this race. All the paper writing on actual paper has been phased out, and classroom websites make use of paperless submissions. It’s a good time for trees!

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