5 Marquee Hire Myths Busted Wide Open

Mention the idea of marquee hire to most and chances are they’ll immediately dream up the most elaborate, lavish and expensive event imaginable. Which is of course entirely understandable, as there is something uniquely prestigious and glamorous about exquisite events staged in equally exquisite marquees. Contrary to popular belief, however, marquee hire services are not restricted only to the kinds of events fit for royalty…or at least those with the same kinds of deep pockets as the average aristocrat.

These days, marquee hire in Bromley is becoming something of an increasingly common service provision for an extraordinary variety of events and gatherings.  Availability has never been greater and the appeal of marquee hire for outdoor events is pretty obvious to say the least. But at the same time, there are still plenty of rather unfortunate myths and untruths going around, putting a great many people well and truly off the idea outright.

5 Marquee Hire Myths Busted Wide Open

So just to clarify a few of these somewhat misleading points, here is a quick rundown of five longstanding marquee hire myths, coupled with brief explanations as to why they couldn’t be further from the truth:

1 – Marquee Hire Is Too Expensive

First and foremost, to assume that marquee hire is in any way overpriced or overly expensive is to completely miss the mark. In reality, event marquees can be every bit as cheap or expensive as you want them to be – it all depends on what your event requires. These days, event marquees can be picked up for short periods of time for as little as £300, which, when compared to the costs of hiring out entire event halls and buildings isn’t exactly a bad deal. Of course at the same time it’s perfectly possible to spend thousands on marquees of gigantic size and elaborateness, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that these are the only types of marquee available.

2 – Marquee Hire Is Too Complicated

For those who’ve never looked into the idea of marquee hire before, it’s natural to assume that the process would be rather on the complicated side. After all, it’s one thing to hire an event and have its interiors tailored to your own specifications – it is something else entirely to have the structure itself built on your behalf.  Nevertheless, when working with a professional and reputable marquee hire company, the whole process really could not be simpler. From helping with initial location selection to preparation of the area itself, to helping at the event and right through to closing down and cleaning up after the event, pretty much all of the hard work is taken care of on the client’s behalf. Suffice to say, complicated or labour-intensive it most certainly is not.

3 – Marquee Hire Is Limited to Summer Events

While the vast majority of marquee events do tend to take place in the summer, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are in any way limited to the summer months. These days, the very best marquees on the market are perfectly suitable for use regardless of the weather – even if it happens to be right in the depths of winter. With the most outstanding insulation and cutting-edge heating systems, it’s perfectly possible to set up any event that brings new meaning to the term ‘winter wonderland’. From corporate events to weddings to music performances and all kinds of social gatherings, any time of year is the perfect time for a marquee event.

4 – Marquee Hire is Only for Very Specific Events

Once again, marquee hire may be most closely associated with weddings, but there are technically no types of events whatsoever that are not perfectly suitable for marquees. From corporate events to marketing events to music festivals to birthday parties and right through to funerals, the versatility of marquees really is limitless.  And as you have total control over the exact marquee you hire and how it is set up, even the sky isn’t the limit.

5 – Marquees Require Totally Smooth Grass Surfaces

Last but not least, it’s naturally assumed that in order for a marquee to be set up, it needs to be positioned on a totally flat surface. This may have been true several decades ago and remains the case with rather dated marquees, but the very best marquees on the market these days can be set up practically anywhere and on almost any surface. It’s even possible to set them up indoors, so if you’ve been considering marquee hire but have found yourself in any way concerned about the suitability of your chosen location, you might just be surprised how versatile and capable today’s very best marquees really are.

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