5 Mistakes That Every Yacht or Boat Renter Makes

5 Mistakes That Every Yacht or Boat Renter Makes

Renting a yacht needs experience therefore one requires understanding on every aspect of chartering. A person new to the industry often ends up paying more than normal when he tries to save a few bucks. One should always remember, there are a lot of factors that you need to consider, price should be the least of your worries. Here are the top five mistakes that you should not make, when renting a yacht.

5 Mistakes That Every Yacht or Boat Renter Makes

1. Never Pick the Cheapest Boat

The cheapest is not the best, always. In addition, no one needs the worst, at the same time. When choosing a boat, look at the condition and the features instead of saving a little money. A little saving may lead you to some unexpected trouble, so make sure you rent a high quality affordable yacht instead of a poor quality cheap vessel.

2. Don’t hire Half Day Charters

When you set on a sail trip, you need time. Time passes very fast when you set the sail, so make sure you take at least one day rental. Half day charter is useless and one should ignore this package. You might end up paying significant late return charges, when you do not get back to the rental agency on time.

3. Choose the Right Boat

When looking for the boat, always consider how deep you are going to sail, if you are sailing far away from the shore choose, a powerful boat. Moreover, the deck size should be able to provide ample space for everyone to have a great time without any hazards or discomfort. Never assume that a few people will remain on the lower deck because mostly everyone loves to spend most of their time on the deck and taking pleasure of the sight of sea water moving.

4. Check for Insurance

Make sure you check the insurance policy, before hiring a yacht. Insurance is a necessity as the ocean an unpredictable tour and you never know what troubles you can get into when sailing miles away from the nearest land. There are oceanic breezes that force boats to collide and if your boat is not insured you will be forced to pay for the damage.

5. Check for Damage

There are a few yacht rental companies who apply unethical practice of charging multiple clients for the same damage. It is very common in all parts of the world. So, in order to make sure you do not pay for someone else’s damage take pictures of the Yacht from all angles. The best way to avoid any quarrels is to inform the yacht rental agency that the vessel has damages on a certain area.

To rent a boat in Dubai is very easy. Just visit the beach, and you will find many advertisements for yacht rentals. However, to rent a good yacht in Dubai is equally tough, one has to spend a little time on research to make sure they select the right boat from a good agency.

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