5 Moments Of Life In Which You Will Love Being Single

Being with family is not always as good as it looks. Yes, we have next to a person we love, and companionship every day. But it also takes away time to be alone with ourselves, and enjoy things that, if we are a couple, it’s hard to please.

If not, read about these 5 times in life where you shall love being single.


  1. Outings with Friends

The friends will always be there with you through Good and Bad, while you’re in love or to speak ill of your ex.

But it is not the same relationship when your guy is in the group, not the same things are spoken, the output is not the same. If you’re single, if only for a few hours, your time out with friends is one of the most appreciated.

  1. No Couple Fights

A relationship always has a spoon of lime and sand. Being in love is beautiful, but sometimes it is also painful.

The fights, however small or large they may be, will always change our mood. But if we are unmarried and have no boyfriend who make us suffer, is one of the great benefits of solitude.

  1. Time to Meet New Guys

If you go out with friends is one of the best times you’ll love being single, meet new people and to flirt with you like most, are the seasoning that makes it even more special.

Of course you’re on business this would not be at all well, so enjoy bachelorhood!

  1. The Time to Watch your Favorite Movie

Nothing like being shot on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn watching your favorite movie. Of those that are to mourn, and have been written and directed solely and exclusively for women.

No man who criticize or attempt to convince us see a great production of action.

  1. When you Want to Spend on Shopping

Another moment of life will love being single is to go shopping without having to meet any schedule, and whoever is telling all the time that you decide or hurry. Do not you believe it?

Are not you would love being single at the moment of your life? What other moments you include?Tell us in a comment!

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