5 Most Unusual Link Building Techniques You Must Be Aware

Do you have your own website?

What is the main motive of your site?

Of course one of the biggest motives should be to bring maximum traffic and not just a regular traffic, but high quality traffic that can improve the search engine ranking of your site. This is possible by designing your website according to the search engine parameters.

SEO tactic is the most durable solution for any site to become higher ranked website on the search engine results pages. This evergreen SEO strategies help to get the high number of quality links. These links will take your customers to your site in the right context.

The off-page SEO and on- page SEO have gone so many changes due to new updates of Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithms. Some have gone really beneficial for businesses and some did not go well. And major behind not so beneficial results is most of the site owners did not know how to implement on their link-building campaigns.

There are large numbers of SEO companies offering affordable search engine optimization services in the market. Link building is one of the most wanted SEO services.

5 Most Unusual Link Building Techniques You Must Be Aware

Before starting link-building campaign, it is crucial to understand the right link-building strategy. Following are some facts that will help you to understand right link building strategy and choose which one is the most important to implement on your site.

1)      Understand how Google determines Quality

One of the most important things is understand how the Google determines the quality websites. Its core criteria may seem fuzzy to analysis, but there are some Google’s algorithm that will guide you in what not to do as a SEO practitioner. Content that is created uniquely is definitely selected to be the best and top ranked. And even if you use content from other site, then make sure you modify it according to your site and your audience’s requirements. Only a fresh content can have capability to bring quality on your site.

High quality guest post also impress Google. Syndication of the website content to high quality readable blogs and publishers is one of the best ways of link building for your website. Google avoid the doorway website that adds no value to the readers.

2)      Become relevant

Most important thing that is considered by Google is relevancy of a site. According to the criteria followed by Google, how relevant a user finds your website will decide the ranking of the website. To earn higher rankings, it is most important to follow relevancy.

3)      The manifold link building strategy

Link building is not about sticking to only one approach. Google provides you every chance to have quality and beneficial inbound links. By limiting your link building strategy to one approach, you will risk your website because the Google also keep on changing its algorithms.

4)      Do better than your competitors

Most of the SEO experts keep an eye on their competitors in the market. Keeping an eye does not mean that you have to just follow same link building strategy that your competitor brand follows. It means to something better than the benchmark set by your competitor. In countries like Toronto, Chicago, Sydney SEO services offered by SEO companies are quite flexible to improve your brand awareness.

5)      Natural inbound links

One of the most important requirements of a well ranked website is to have natural inbound links. The website that uses keyword stuffing scheme and other black hat techniques are not supported by Google at all.

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